How Super Smash Bros. Movie Needs to Be Done According to Detective Pikachu Writers

Movie Super Smash Bros. could be Detective Pikachu could be the first of a series of building blocks us to a Super Smash Bros. movie? We may become just a little before us on this one. That said, the writers Dan Hernandez and Benji Samit have expressed the wish to tackle such a thing in the right circumstances. So, in theory, we could see Pikachu confront Mario and / or Link in the future, if all goes well.

Detective Pikachu arrived in the theater during the weekend. As for video game movies, he received good reviews and a pretty strong opening weekend at the box office, narrowly losing against . Avengers: Endgame . Speaking of ambitious crossovers, the authors of the very first movie about Pokemon were questioned about the possibility of a Super Smash Bros. movie at the bottom of the line. Dan Hernandez had this to say about creating such a video game movie.

"I think the key to doing something like this is to make sure that the other introductory films are sensational, it would be a dream to write something like Legend of Zelda, but before you can reach this stage Smash Bros, you have to write the best version of The Legend of Zelda that you possibly can, and the same thing with Mario, the same thing with Kirby, the same thing with Star Fox. "

For those who may not know it, Super Smash Bros. is a video game series that brings together tons of Nintendo characters under one roof. The fighting game allows players to choose their favorite character and use their unique skills to fight other characters. Since Nintendo partly controls the Pokemon franchise, characters like Pikachu have been included in various titles of the series over the years.

As Dan Hernandez says, it would take a lot of things for a movie like this to exist. Several Nintendo films should have the green light, these films had to be good and successful, then an ambitious crossover should be removed. It's a lot, but it's not impossible. Benji Samit then explained that something like Avengers: Endgame only works because all these characters worked individually before meeting.

"Avengers: The end of the game is only as good as we all love it, so when it all started, it was magical, and I think that it's like that you have to approach the Smash Bros. "

At the present time, Warner Bros. and Legendary have plans in place to strengthen Pokemon. films, assuming Detective Pikachu does what he needs to do at the box office to justify new entries. So, it would seem that a Pokemon cinematic universe is much more likely. Yet, one can dream of something as crazy as one Super Smash Bros. movie. And who knows? Strange things have happened. After all, we live in a world where Ryan Reynolds plays both Pikachu and Deadpool. This news has been reported for the first time by Screen Rant.


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