How to Train Your Dragon Soundtrack Is Getting Picture Disc LP Release

Years after its release in 2010, the movie Academy Award named the soundtrack of How to train your dragon finally gets a release on Picture Disc LP. This version includes a 4-page folding poster that highlights the characters of this magical world filled with Vikings and Dragons. The critically acclaimed score can be pre-purchased below and will be available on

John Powell, Oscar-nominated composer, is best known for his scores for animated films such as Antz, Chicken Run, Shrek and How to Train Your Dragon . Some of his recent work has been on Solo films: A Star Wars and Jason Bourne.

"On the Occasion of How to Train One's Dragon John Powell goes one step further and shows us how a flawless score looks like! To this score and despite his previous eleven animated films, the composer had reached such a high level of freshness, energy, inspiration and musicality. an arsenal of themes, an exceptionally playing orchestra and a choir coloring the music in the right places, the score of more than seventy minutes of the film rolls beautifully! When one piece gives way to another and that's the only one of them. Listeners do not understand Tired of music, you realize that the essence of this score is not based on some interesting pieces, but that it is widespread everywhere, with such a great narrative skill, a rare thing these days, can talk about a musical treasure in the movie John Pow ell, but also for the genre of film in general ". – Konstantinos Sotiropulos, Soundtrackbeat.

  • How to Train Your Dragon Record Album on Disc: This is Berk
  • ] The Battle of the Dragons
  • The Training of Dragons
  • The Forbidden Friendship
  • Tomorrow
  • Road Test
  • Romantic flight
  • The struggle against green death
  • The counterattack
  • Where is Hiccup?
  • Back Around
  • Sticks & Stones (Written and Performed by Jónsi)

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Description: How to train your dragon 3 is a timely story

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