International Arrives with Franchise Worst Rotten Tomatoes Score

Critics start to weigh more heavily Men In Black: International from the longstanding franchise because the majority of them do not buy what Sony Pictures sells, according to its rotten tomato score. What exactly are they selling? We have a new cast, which is titled by Chirs Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson, marking an apparently welcome meeting, as both had excellent chemistry with each other in Thor: Ragnarok . Unfortunately, this chemistry is not enough to save this sequel / reboot in the eyes of many.

The embargo on MIB journals has recently been lifted, which means that critics are being processed for Rotten Tomatoes. At the time of writing this article, which has 69 critics, the film has a very bad rate of approval of 32%. This makes it the lowest in the history of the Men In Black franchise, which dates back to 1997. It has been dormant since the release of MIB 3 in 2012 and Sony has decided that it is time to bring back the best defense of the Earth against the worst foam in the world. universe. It just would not be the race that they hoped for.

By way of comparison, the original Men In Black, in which Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones figured, holds a very good rating of 92%. . Men In Black II was a step in the wrong direction, with a satisfaction rate of 39%. MIB 3, meanwhile, was somewhere in the middle, with a rating of 68%. The previous three entries were under Barry Sonnenfeld's helm. In this case, it is Fate of the Furious and Straight Outta Compton director F. Gary Gray behind the camera.

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This does not necessarily mean that Men In Black: International is for the moment. We have seen almost countless examples of critics and moviegoers who did not hear exactly when it was a major blockbuster. Venom for example, currently holds a catastrophic critical approval rate of 29% on rotten tomatoes. Still, its audience score is 81% and the film has recorded a truly impressive figure of $ 855 million at the global box office. For its part, Godzilla: the king of monsters recently published, deserved only 40% of criticism, but his audience score was much better, currently reaching 84%. Even if, at the box office, the film is a bit underperforming, having only earned $ 298 million so far.

Unfortunately for this film, he enters a very crowded summer box office schedule that sees The Secret Life of Pets 2 entering his second weekend, with Shaft Late Night and The dead do not die also opening against him this weekend. This does not mean that she can not succeed despite the obstacles, but the lack of praise does not help things. Men In Black: International is due out Friday. To deepen the critical response up to now, head for rotten tomatoes.

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