International Dark Phoenix Trailer Does a Better Job Selling Classic X-Men Story

Last week, the first Dark Phoenix arrived after months and years months of delays and rework. Fans were slightly impressed, though some called it a last breath for Fox 's dying franchise, which will soon be sent back to Disney. Today, we have a new international trailer for what will probably be the continuation of this longstanding franchise. And many of those who have watched this latest film say it much better than what was served in this country.

Which is often the case. Dark Phoenix Attack at one of the most classic Marvel Comics stories, mutant or not, Jean Gray realizing that it could have an effect devastating. The Phoenix saga was carried out from 1976 to 1977 and was later revisited in 1980. Writer Chris Claremont dropped a little scary cosmic in his superhero narrative, and he has since resonated loudly.

The Dark The tale Phoenix had already been told in 2006 in X-Men: the last fight and most fans had the Felt that director Brett Ratner had bluffed it, taking over from Bryan Singer, who had led the first two installments. The years of 2014 of the past of 2014 completely erased the chronology of X-Men, which allowed this story to be told again. And with that comes a modified synopsis for what will be played in this remake.

The X-Men battle their most formidable and powerful enemy when one of them, Jean Gray, begins to lose control. . During a rescue mission in space, Jean is about to be killed when she is touched by a mysterious cosmic force. Once back home, this force makes her not only infinitely more powerful, but much more unstable. The X-Men must now unite to save his soul and fight aliens who want to use Gray's new abilities to rule the galaxy.

This last video offers everything we could hope for Jean (Sophia Turner). The original trailer has spoiled the death of Jennifer Lawrence's Mystic, who is confirmed to perish in the hands of Jean Gray. We see more of their confrontation here. And it seems that the stakes in this film are enough

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Writer-Director Simon Kinberg, debuting in a feature film under the captain's presidency, has been overtime to give fans the big-screen version of the Phoenix Force story, and this trailer suggests that he has may be successful. He's dealing with one of Marvel's most intricate characters of all time, and this time around, it looks like the story I'm downright on his shoulders. Will he be sending X-Men shipments that Fox fans are hoping for? We will have to wait until June 7 to know it, but it already looks a lot like Apocalypse, considered by many as a disappointment. This trailer comes from 20th Century Fox.


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