Iron Sheik Threatens to Suplex Chris Hemsworth Over Hulk Hogan Biopic

Wrestling fans were informed that Avengers: Endgame star Chris Hemsworth is in the process to play the legend Hulk Hogan in a new biopic earlier this week. While many wrestler fans were delighted with this news, the former professional wrestler The Iron Sheik is not overly enthusiastic and he expressed his dissatisfaction with social media about the Hulk Hogan Biopic . . That said, the Sheik always tries to make itself known and never really leaves his character of wrestling, which makes an excellent support on the social media.

The Iron Sheik displays several times on social media. one day, often shouting at people to do beautiful things for each other. However, he has played an important role over the past 24 hours, targeting Jussie Smollett and now Chris Hemsworth in an all-capitalized tweet that reminds wrestling fans why the Sheik is one of the best characters in the WWE wrestling. The Iron Sheik is not very happy that Hemsworth plays his old enemy in the Hulk Hogan Biopic . He had this to say.

"Chris Hemsworth you jabroni I swear to Jesus I suplexe you when I see you remember who manufactures the Hulkamania and is the true legend of the Earth."

It should be noted that, just like Corey Feldman, The Iron Sheik always posts capital letters in his tweets. The 75-year-old former wrestler is still screaming and his tweets are no different. Hossein Khosrow Ali Vaziri is his real name. He started the fight professionally in 1972 and is a world champion in the past. He won the WWF World Heavyweight Championship title in 1983. Iron Sheik is considered one of the best villains of the WWF in history. helped to propel Hulk Hogan's career in the 1980s.

Now that Hulk Hogan Biopic is officially working with a star, the current professional wrestler Rusev wants a shot at playing The Iron Sheik. In fact, Rusev has to play pretty much anyone in the upcoming biopic. However, it is unclear how the reality of Iron Sheik will take this news, although one can imagine that there will be a lot of foul language and screams. Rusev explains.

"I can play against everyone, from Iron Sheik to Sgt Slaughter, to Big Boss Man, Vader and Nicolai Volkoff, reserve me, pay me brother."

Chris Hemsworth definitely has his work. fought with the Hulk Hogan Biopic but assuming the role of The Iron Sheik could be even more difficult, especially since it will monitor production like a hawk. Whatever the case may be, to tell Hogan's story well in the 1980s, we will need The Iron Sheik, who helped make the latter one of the greatest heroes of the decade. While waiting for the news of Sheikh's cast, you can read the message to Chris Hemsworth below, thanks to The Iron Sheik's Twitter account.


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