Is Kathleen Kennedy Really Leaving Lucasfilm in 2021?

This is the hour of rumors, Star Wars fans! The key word being the rumor must be clearly specified, but it is a sufficiently credible rumor, which would have many implications. Kathleen Kennedy has been Lucasfilm's head since Disney's acquisition of the company in 2012, but that could change in the not-too-distant future, as it is suggested that the legendary producer leave her position in 2021.

This comes from Jason Ward, one of the members of Making Star Wars, who runs the often-reliable fan site, which made headlines with big news from the franchise in the past. However, until someone from Luscasilm or Kathleen Kennedy herself has officially announced it, it only exists in the rumor. That said, Ward says Kennedy will be stepping down as president after the completion of Indiana Jones 5 which is expected to be released in July 2021. This means that Kennedy would be surpassed well beyond the exit of The ascent of Skywalker in December.

We have already heard information, largely as a result of the divisional reaction to the The Last Jedi that Kathleen Kennedy was likely to leave Lucasfilm's President. However, in September 2018, his contract was renewed for another three years. Those who make quick calculations will note that it leaves it in the books until 2021. Thus, at that moment, Kennedy could, without ruffling his feathers, withdraw graciously from his position. The question then is who would take the lead of Star Wars and the rest of Lucasfilm beyond 2021? It is there that we can really let ourselves go to speculation.

Bound: Skywalker flashbacks are expected to increase as a result of recent shots? One of the most successful producers in Hollywood history will produce a film Star Wars . Could it be that it is prepared to take control of Lucasfilm? What would it mean for the future of Marvel Studios? It's easy to understand why Disney would turn to Feige if that were to happen, but it might stretch Feige a bit too much. Some other options. One of them is Dave Filoni, who has long been part of a galaxy as a creator of animated series like The Clone Wars and Rebels ]. He recently made the jump in live-action with The Mandalorian and, one could argue, no one knows this franchise better than him.

About The Mandalorian there is also Jon Favreau, who directs this series and who made hits like Iron Man and The King Leo . Favreau is a huge fan of Star Wars and has a solid resume. All that to say, there are many candidates for the job. In 2021, Kathleen Kennedy will lead Lucasfilm for almost ten years. It's long to have such a powerful position in Hollywood and it's easy to understand that she may just want to explore other opportunities in her career. We will see how that happens, but it will be interesting to watch.


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