Is Star Wars 9 Titled The Knights of Ren?

Star Wars 9 is less than a year from distance and still has no title. Fans are eager to discover this clue about what is called the last chapter of the Skywalker saga. But they may not have an answer before Star Wars Celebration starts this spring. A new report has deepened the clues provided so far, and one of the favorite titles is The Knights of Ren ?

Up to now, when it comes to The Awakens Force and literally in the case of The Last Jedi clues over ] The titles of Star Wars are still hidden during the first analysis, of which Rogue One and Solo are totally abandoned. By digging into what we've already seen on the big screen, The Knights of Ren is a favorite and makes a lot of sense. We are confident that we will finally be able to see Kylo's Knights of Ren in action, as they would have played an important role in the scenario, after being left out later. And it's a pun that suggests it's Ren's big night, its time to shine. He is one of the last survivors of the Skywalker lineage, after all.

The new titles of Star Wars have so far been the first clues to the nature of future films. The title Force Awakens was issued well before the first teaser, as was The Last Jedi . But Disney could adopt a new approach. The studio did not release the title Avengers: Endgame before the first trailer, which gave it a new boost of publicity. The Disney marketing team may be interested in this result and reserve the title for Star Wars 9 in the same manner.

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All about Star Wars 9 remains a mystery for the moment. There are few details, but nothing intriguing. In his early days, George Lucas opted for pulp-like titles for his first two trilogies. One can expect Star Wars 9 to have a consistent title. Some hope the title is simply Star Wars, Episode IX: The End . But that does not really correspond to the trajectory of the franchise. Or does it?

The title Force Awakens comes from the replica of Snoke in the film: "There was an awakening; did you feel it? The title The Last Jedi was also removed from the Snoke dialogue, but was also included in the opening crawl. A new report on the Hollywood Reporter states that the title Star Wars 9 will also be excerpted from one of the existing opening crawls.

The Knights of Ren seems to be a popular choice, and it recalls the mysterious Knights of Ren, who had only been seen so far in the vision of Rey Force, after that she had touched Skywalker's lightsaber. Snoke mentions them when Kylo Ren goes to find his father, the Supreme Guide saying: "Even Ren's Knights have never undergone such a test." The story of The Knights of Ren has not yet been revealed and its story remains to be questioned. Rian Johnson completely abandoned the concept when it was about The Last Jedi and the Knights were not even mentioned in one line of dialogue.

Another popular possible title is The Ashes of the Empire, which is also included in the opening crawl The Awakens Force . The complete quote is, "The sinister First Order came out of the ashes of the Empire." It becomes quite literal with the fact that Kylo Ren keeps his grandfather's helmet, Darth Vader, on the pile of ashes in his apartments. It is also quite symbolic of the events that occurred after Return of the Jedi . Other titles also mentioned are The Tyranny Rising from the crawl citation: "Only the group of resistance fighters of General Leia Organa resist rising tyranny". And one that has already been speculated with A Spark of Hope that would tie everything into a pretty big bow, and could even give that old Jedi Broom Boy Jedi a chance to shine for Life After the Skywalkers.

A spark of hope is a play of the title of the original Star Wars which was added only after its publication and The sequel The Empire Strikes Back was confirmed. Whatever the title, we could expect in April that it be confirmed. There is also an unmitigated rumor that the title would be revealed at the Super Bowl, where the first teaser would have dropped.


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