Is Taika Waititi’s Nazi Satire Jojo Rabbit Too Edgy for Disney Fans?

Disney is apparently concerned about the upcoming release of Jojo Rabbit the latest in Thor: Love and Thunder director Taika Waititi. This is one of the projects that Disney inherited from Fox's $ 71.3 billion merger that came into effect in March. Although things have not gone as planned until now, this project has been viewed as one of the highlights of Fox's slate. However, the Mouse House would have doubts, some executives of the studio believing that the film is perhaps too angry for its typical audience.

Jojo Rabbit has attracted a lot of attention since the announcement of the project. And with reason. Not only because it is the first film that Taika Waititi has done since his breakthrough success Thor: Ragnarok, but because of the content of his latest film. The film was featured as an "anti-hate satire", in which Waititi portrays an imaginary version of Adolf Hitler, the friend of a lone German boy during World War II. Needless to say, this does not fit the typical Disney brand. Not far away.

According to a new report, a recent screening organized for senior executives has not been very satisfying. An unidentified leader would have become "audaciously uncomfortable, fearing aloud that this material will alienate Disney fans". Although this film is produced by Fox Searchlight, a division that has an incredible record of success with independent films and has accumulated a ton of awards over the years, it is now hosted under Disney's biggest umbrella. Disney has a brand to maintain. A very successful brand and it is understandable that some leaders fear to expand this strategy to include titles such as Jojo Rabbit .

Taika Waititi is Hitler in the new Jojo Rabbit Photo

The issues raised here are many and varied. Fox Searchlight is one of the last true independent movie studios in Hollywood. If Disney gets cold-eyed when it comes to projects like this, creators like Taika Waititi, with whom Disney wants to work on big hit movies, will probably be very upset. Not to mention the artistic point of view, moviegoers would lose potential cinematic treasures that might not match the typical Disney brand. In short, it is complicated.

Disney recently set foot in the trap of the majority of production in the Fox production line that was in preparation before the merger. Since the studio was launched, Disney has seen the bombs drop out one after the other and will certainly not let them continue. In the case of Jojo Rabbit they may have a large-scale indie success considered a major opponent of the awards season. Regardless of brand strategy, if the film continues to be successful, it could go a long way in easing Disney's concerns in the future. Jojo Rabbit is due to appear in theaters on October 18th. This news comes to us via Variety.

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