Is That Ben Affleck’s Batman in the New Titans Trailer?

Since the Justice League has been concluded last year with debates and speculation as to where and when will we ever see Ben Affleck’s Batman again in the DC universe. Some fans are convinced to have spotted it in a new trailer of Titans . Or at least the silhouette of him anyway. If it is only wild hope, it opens up a whole series of interesting questions that deserve, at the very least, to be discussed.

Let’s first see what the fans think they see. Recently, DC released a promo for this week’s episode of Titans which is a live television series broadcast on the DC Universe streaming service. The trailer is an animation of spray paint style coming to life on a white background. At around eight seconds, one of these forms takes the form of something that strangely resembles Batfleck, Robin’s form appearing as part of the alleged character.

When you look at pictures side by side from the moment of the caravan. against Ben Affleck’s shots in Batman, it’s hard not to see where the fans are coming from. And it is worth noting that it is a universe in which Batman certainly exists. The first trailer Titans owned the now infamous “F *** Batman” line, and without the Caped Crusader, there is no Robin. But what version of the character exists in the universe Titans ? This is the key question that must be answered before getting caught up in the search for meaning behind this character resembling Batfleck.

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Up To Now, Warner Bros. kept the small DC screen separate from the big DC screen. And nothing in Titans has yet been connected to the world of cinema as Justice League . In general terms, there is no reason why they could not do such a thing if they really wanted to, but it would create a host of problems. Warner Bros. is reorganizing DC Films and rethinking its strategy to try to get things back on track. It’s still an evolving process. Adding the notion of doing everything from Titans and the next series of the canon of the Doom Patrol series in this universe would really complicate things. Not to mention the complexity and likelihood that Ben Affleck will appear in the show in what would probably be a glorified cameo.

Let’s not forget that it seems like Matt Reeves will do the same. The Batman without Ben Affleck, although the studio does not provide any official details about it. To include it in Titans even if they could do it, would only confuse an already very muddy situation. All this to say that this figure is seen by fans, even though it sounds a lot like the Batman of Affleck, at most, is a fun Easter egg that does not mean anything more. Do not forget to watch the trailer of Titans of the YouTube channel of DC, as well as tweets of fans convinced of what they saw -Dessous.



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