Is Walter White Alive in El Camino? Breaking Bad Creator Gives Definitive Answer

If you keep hope for the miraculous survival of Walter White after his presumed death scene in the series finale Breaking Bad we & 39 ; I have very bad news for you. The creator of the series, Vince Gilligan, recently appeared in The Rich Eisen Show to talk about his career. Shortly thereafter, the subject was turned to Breaking Bad and the continuation of his next film El Camino: A Bad Film . Regarding the details of the film, Gilligan keeps his lips sealed, but he has officially confirmed the fate of the character of Walter White. When asked directly if Walter White was dead, Gilligan had this to say.

"You know what, yes, I'll give you one too, Rich, because I love you so much and because it's your Fifth Anniversary Yes, Walter White is dead."

Bryan Cranston played the role of Walter White in the hit AMC series, starring Aaron Paul as the methamphetamine cook Jesse Pinkman. The series follows the transition from Walter, who was a modest high school teacher who turned to making drugs to pay for his cancer treatments in the infamous criminal brain. Almost immediately, the series has become a phenomenon of pop culture and has since acquired the reputation of being one of the most popular television series of all time. It was as popular as ever when Vince Gilligan decided to put an end to his career after five seasons and 62 episodes, taking out the top rating while letting fans claim more.

After Breaking Bad Bob Odenkirk takes over the role of twisted lawyer Saul Goodman in the Derivative Series Better Call Saul . The series tackled Saul's life under a new identity after the events of Breaking Bad but mostly served as a preliminary series to show how the character was born. The show allowed the return of many other favorite fans of the original series, such as Jonathan Banks (Mike Ehrmantraut) and Giancarlo Esposito (Gus Fring). However, neither Cranston nor Paul appeared in the series as Walter or Jesse at this point in the series, although it is still possible that a cameo could still occur at a later date. coming season.

Bryan Cranston may well appear in El Camino to resume the role in a flashback sequence, his involvement has not been confirmed yet. As we saw in the trailer, Aaron Paul will certainly be back in the role of Jesse Pinkman, playing the role of central character in the story. Charles Baker and Matt Jones will also be back as Skinny Pete and Badger, Jesse's two closest friends. The film resumes directly after the events of Breaking Bad and the death of the former mentor of Jesse, showing what happened with Jesse and giving a proper closure to the favorite character of the fans.

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El Camino: a breathtaking film ] will be premiered on Netflix and in Some theaters are in a few days only on October 11th. The fans of Breaking Bad have been waiting for years. You can view the complete Gilligan interview below, courtesy of The Rich Eisen Show, available on YouTube.


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