IT Chapter Two Has the Perfect Surprise Horror Cameo

Chapter II of Computer Science has finally arrived on theaters. Horror fans have been waiting for two years to see how director Andy Muschietti will complete this ambitious adaptation of Stephen King's beloved horror novel, and the moment has finally come. Although the sequel contains many surprises, many Pennywise and a whole group of The Losers Club, there is also a nice cameo look that is extremely appropriate and fun.

Attention: minor spoilers coming soon for IT Chapter Two . Those who have not seen the movie yet may want to turn around now. Otherwise, keep reading at your own risk. About halfway through the movie, after the Losers returned to Derry, Maine, and realized that they had to fight Pennywise again to end this madness, they were all sent on a quest to gather chips from the past. This leads Bill (James McAvoy) to an antique store in the heart of his hometown, where he meets an old friend. This old friend being his bike, Silver.

In doing so, Bill feels compelled to buy back his old mode of transportation, and he must negotiate with the store owner to do so. And this shop owner is played by none other than the master in horror himself, Stephen King. The following scene offers a bit of lightness, because King knows exactly who Bill is, because he became a famous author in the years following the events of the first film. The owner of the shop even has a copy of one of Bill's books on the counter. Bill offers to sign it, but the merchant refuses, since he did not like the end. Bill then hands over the $ 300 requested for the bike and that's it.

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Given the success of computer science, which has become the most profitable horror film of all time, and the alleged success of IT Chapter Two is good that Stephen King has a chance to appear this time around. It is also interesting to note that this is not just a shot in the background. King gets a complete, memorable and important scene and does a good job with her. It's something that went beyond the obligation. It's also far from the only time King appeared in the adaptation of one of his works. The author had previously appeared in Pet Sematary The Miniseries The Stand Maximum Overdrive . Mercedes and many other titles over the years.

IT Chapter Two takes place 27 years after the events of the first film and is easily one of the most anticipated films in the world. year. Up to now, critics are a little more divided about following on than its predecessor because it holds a 67% approval rate on rotten tomatoes. But with an audience rate of 85%, it seems like a new success for Warner Bros.


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