It’s Tommy Wiseau Vs. Jaws

"Oh, hai Shark", is a giant missed opportunity in the trailer of Big Shark . However, that does not mean that the first look at the horror film of the creators of The Room is bad. It sounds incredible and we look forward to seeing more in the coming months. Apparently out of nowhere, Tommy Wiseau revealed that he was working on a project for a giant killer shark and that people are really excited to see what he is proposing this time around.

Big Shark trailer begins innocently enough with Tommy Wiseau's Room co-star, Greg Sestero, getting slapped in the face by two different women. We do not know what he did to deserve this reaction, but it comes from nowhere and is rather uncomfortable, like the best of The Room . Shortly after, we see Tommy Wiseau, Sestero and Isaiah LaBorde leaving the bar / club atmosphere to go elsewhere. It's now that we are seeing the streets fill with water and that a giant shark is attacking a woman behind the three men.

The wicked CGI shark is certainly one of the most humorous things on the internet for quite some time. It literally looks like a shark that was designed by Tommy Wiseau or a five-year-old after receiving an iPad Pro and five minutes to create an epic vision. Big Shark is still a mystery at the moment and it is thought that the film has not yet begun to turn. The trailer was probably released to get the message across and eventually find someone who would financially support the project.

An illegal version of the trailer Big Shark was displayed. social media last week after the trailer Big Shark aired during the screening of the film The Room . It was the first time the film was broadcast publicly and people were very enthusiastic, which is understandable after viewing the entire trailer online. After the screening, Tommy Wiseau revealed that the film was happening in New Orleans, inspired by the time he was spending there and that he felt he had to give back to the community. Big Shark looks like a very nice gift and tribute to New Orleans.

Greg Sestero says that Big Shark is on three firefighters trying to save the world, which makes sense. Although the film has not yet been shot, it is expected to be ready for release next September. No official release date has been announced, but we will keep an eye on it based on the power of the first trailer. There will certainly be comparisons with the franchise Sharknado and perhaps even The Meg in the end, but that's Tommy Wiseau we're talking about here, the only man who would publish a film entitled Big Shark a month after Shark Week . You can watch the trailer of Big Shark below, thanks to Tommy Wiseau's YouTube channel.


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