Jack Reacher Is Getting Rebooted Without Tom Cruise Because He’s Too Short

We saw Tom Cruise's last tale as Jack Reacher . According to the author and creator of the character, Lee Child, the franchise is preparing for a reboot and will abandon Cruise in favor of choosing a new player. It is planned to create a small screen version of the series of popular novels on a great streaming service as a play. The reason Tom Cruise has been ruled out is because he is too short.

While Lee Child did not immediately say that Tom Cruise, one of the biggest (at least in terms of the draw and global recognition)) stars on the planet, is 'too short', he certainly indicated that. But there is nothing personal against the actor. It's just what suits the character. The 56-year-old actor has only 5 feet 7 inches. In the novels, Jack Reacher is an imposing figure who stands at 6 feet 5 inches and who has his hands as big as "plates". In a recent interview, Childs confirmed that there would be more films with Cruise, while expressing some of the physical weaknesses of the actor.

"I really enjoyed working with Cruise.It's a very nice guy.We Readers are right, Reacher's size is really very important and is an important part of his The idea is that when Reacher enters a room, you're all a bit nervous, just for that first minute, and Cruise, despite his talent, did not have that face. "

When it was announced that Tom Cruise had been chosen to play the role, many critics had been voiced. readers. Despite this, the first film Jack Reacher was released in 2012 and directed by Christopher McQuarrie, has received quite positive criticism from critics, reaching $ 218 million at the global desk . . This paved the way for the following of 1945, Jack Reacher : Never Go Back, which critics did not like as well, leading to an even more subdued take on box office, with just $ 162 million.

That said, it seems that the franchise was transformed into a Jack Reacher if everything goes as planned. Instead of resetting the film's franchise, Lee Child said they were looking to integrate the franchise into a streaming service such as Netflix in order to tell a long story. And he is ready to listen to the public regarding the choice of leader this time.

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"So what I decided to do is that there will have more movies with Tom Cruise.We will be moving to Netflix or something like that.Long-duration TV streaming with an entirely new actor.And I want all the readers who were unhappy with Tom Cruise to help me to participate in the selection of the right actor for the TV series.We are restarting and starting again and we will try to find the perfect guy. "

Amazon recently met the success of his television series Jack Ryan . Perhaps Jack Reacher can he achieve the same success with such a restart. And there are many much larger players who would certainly be delighted to take the job. It is also possible that the franchise is transformed into a series of streaming movies. The BBC reported this information for the first time.


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