James Gunn in Talks to Direct Suicide Squad 2 and Reboot with Mostly New Cast

As expected, James Gunn is about to commit to directing Suicide Squad 2 He is currently in discussions with Warner Bros. to take charge of the project. The move was planned, the studio having led the director to write this follow-up of the blockbuster to success of 2016. This will be his first time in the chair of the director since his arrival at the bar Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2 of Marvel in 2017.

James Gunn was fired from the famous Guardians of the galaxy, vol. 3 last year, after resurfacing a number of old tweets that joked about a host of inappropriate topics. As Gunn and Marvel tried to reinstate the filmmaker, Disney decided to no longer let him participate in the company. Quickly, DC and Warner Bros. have called to hire Gunn for writing the script following Suicide Squad .

Warner Bros. announced that the title is officially [1945]. The Suicide Brigade . This is not really a sequel. It will be a reboot that will bring mostly new characters, with an open space so that some can come back from David Ayer's first release. In all likelihood, Margot Robbie will be back in the role of Harley Quinn and we could see Will Smith reprimand his role as Deadshot. But it looks like everyone is out.

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] The Suicide Squad receives exactly the same platform release as the original and will arrive on the screens on August 6, 2021. The near-future will be the next effort made by James Gunn. DC considers that it is a "relaunch" of the franchise brand, and it is unclear whether this will take place in the same old DCEU as the one that hosted the first one. The original followed Deadshot, Harley Quinn, the Joker, Captain Boomerang and Killer Croc, some of whom were forced to form a secret government squad of mercenary soldiers. If they lived their mission, they would have some time lost in their imprisonment.

James Gunn plans to take his screenplay in a whole new direction, but we do not know exactly what it means at the moment. It is possible that this is noted R, as DC's next independent Joker movie with Joaquin Phoenix. It will feature mainly new characters and actors. The film will be deeply ingrained in the personal spirit of James Gunn as a filmmaker, so that he could adhere to The Guardians of the Galaxy .

Charles Roven and Peter Safran produce the film, with Zack Snyder and Deborah Snyder coming on board as executive producers. It was also announced that The Batman will be released in the summer of 2021 and will arrive in June. Before that, the new DC Super Pets just announced, will be released on the screens in May. It will be a great year for DC and it does not appear that any of these films fit seamlessly into the scenery of the DCEU.

What does this mean for Wonder Woman and Aquaman? It's too early to say, but DC seems to upset things and move their parts in all areas. Ben Affleck is officially released under the name of Bruce Wayne. A new actor is wanted to replace him in The Batman . We do not know if the film The Flash movie is still happening with Ezra Miller. And no one has heard of Green Lantern's body.


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