James Wan Producing Adaptation of Horror Novel The Troop by Nick Cutter

James Wan's Atomic Monster produces a widescreen adaptation of 1945's [1945horrornovelYAbyNickCutter]. Cutter is a pseudonym of horror written by Craig Davidson, who also writes under the name Patrick Lestewka for the genre. The Troop has been celebrated by fans of horror since its release in 2014 and a film was inevitable. E.L. Katz is leading the project with Noah Gardner and Aidan Fitzgerald adapting Cutter's book to the big screen.

The Troop centers on a Boy Scout troupe at Canadian Nature for a camping weekend, a tradition. However, things get crazy very quickly when an unexpected intruder falls on their campsite. He is described as "extremely thin, with a disturbing pallor and a ravenous hunger". Boys are then exposed to something much more frightening than any story of terror: the human carrier of a bio-artificial nightmare. The book tells the story of a "bitter fight for escape-free survival of the elements, the infected … or each other."

Nick Cutter & # 39; s The Troop ] was compared to The Lord of the Flies and 28 days later which seems rather disturbing. In other words, it seems to go up to James Wan's alley and why he and Atomic Monster team up with JS Entertainment and Starlight Media to bring the story to the big picture. screen. Although a director and scriptwriters have been chosen, no production start date, distribution and release date have been. That said, one can imagine that Atomic Monster will want to act fast enough since fans of the original novel have been waiting for so long.

James Wan and Atomic Monster have been very busy over the years. and they are all ready to do even more work in the future. Wan prepares to make a very secretive horror film rated R before putting himself behind the camera for Aquaman 2 . The Atomic Monster has The Conjuring 3 The Trench Mortal Kombat and many more on the slate. The untitled horror film on which Wan works will return to his roots and he says that he will use a lot of practical effects. The Troop will not be notified of special effects at this time.

Craig Davidson loves to be completely immersed when he starts working. a new novel. When he wrote The Fighter in 2007, he followed a 16-week steroid cycle and then promoted the book with two officially sanctioned boxing matches in Canada and the United States. He uses his pen names Patrick Lestewka and Nick Cutter for his horror stories and tends to keep them a little on the mysterious side. His books of the genre have received much praise over the years. The deadline was the first to announce the atomic monster and the The Troop news.

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