James Wan Responds to Aquaman Spin-Off The Trench

James Wan broke his silence to The Trench Project . Earlier this week, it was revealed that Warner Bros. would seek to make Aquaman spin-off with Wan as a producer. The Trench are briefly shown in Arthur Curry's stand-alone film and they are rather terrifying. It is thought that the project will be in the field of horror and will be based on the box office success of Aquaman so it has a chance to be very strong with Horror fans and DC looking for something new in the studio.

Before appearing on the big screen in The Trench . ] were introduced for the first time in 2011 as part of the revival of New 52 by DC and were created by Geoff Johns. They were originally part of the kingdom of Atlantis, but after the sinking, the cut off population of the survivors turned into hideous monsters. This already seems something that James Wan would be interested to discuss with his experience of franchises The Conjuring and Saw . James Wan had this to say about the movie on social media.

"At the beginning of preproduction, I fell in love with The Trench and his creations … and secretly hoped to explore this world further / further (Now, I do not confirm or deny this project;) "

Warner Bros. and DC Films brought Noah Gardner and Aidan Fitzgerald on board. write the tinted horror scenario for The Trench . With the development of this film in its infancy, it is difficult to say when we will all be able to see it on the screens. In addition to James Wan, Peter Safran would be on board to produce. Not to confirm nor to deny the project suggests that Aquaman 2, he waits to see a good scenario before deciding to give him his name.


With The Trench in development, Aquaman continues to kill him at the box office and recently broke the $ 1.1 billion mark. Arthur Curry's independent film is now the most profitable film in the history of DC, which means that the studio will want to go on strike as long as the iron is still hot. Aquaman 2 would be at the beginning of his development, but James Wan would take a well-deserved break after having contributed to the creation of the magnificent world of Aquaman . The director worked on the project for years, only trying to do everything right and his hard work paid off.

Even with The Trench in development, there is no guarantee that the film will make the big screen. However, the project looks very interesting and could see some horror fans discover the DC universe. Let's hope everything goes well with the script and that James Wan will produce the project when it's all over. This story is developing and other news should soon fall. Check out James Wan's Twitter account for his opinion on The Trench .


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