Jared Leto Teases Morbius Production Start with Instagram Video

Morbius the Living Vampire is about to film in the UK Actor Jared Leto shared a new video on social media to tease the occasion. In November, Leto posted a video of himself shaving for what was supposed to be screen tests, although some thought production had started late last year. That said, it seems like everything is about to start, although Leto still needs to shave before everything starts to roll.

When Jared Leto shared the last tease, he started to shave his beard. , which is one of the pillars of his look for a handful of years. The new video is dumb and presents a short loop of the actor moving under a red light, which could have a deeper meaning for Morbius but this is not seen yet. Leto has included a hashtag for the film and marked its location in the UK, where production is likely to begin in the coming days.

After the resounding success of Sony Venom the studio wasted no time in embarking on a sequel while developing Morbius to make it its next exit. The film enters theaters on July 31 with Venom 2 following him in September. There is still much to be said about the upcoming movie about vampires, which is not clear, but now that filming is about to begin, we should see some predefined photos running away in the near future. It is quite possible that Jared Leto will inform fans on social networks while the production process continues.

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Jared Leto is no stranger to the world of comics having served as a wild card for the DCEU in Suicide Squad . It is not known if the actor will come back in the role or if it is completely over. That being said, Warner Bros and DC Films engage in Todd Phillips Joker with Joaquin Phoenix, which takes place outside the DCEU. Leto would have been taken aback when he learned that the studio was shooting a Joker movie without him. Rumors have however run that the film Joker and Harley Quinn would go from the front

It would be interesting to see how Morbius and Venom 2 occurs at the box office because they are so close together. Jared Leto brings a new character to the big screen, while the sequel to Venom will fully present Woody Harrelson's Carnage, which Marvel fans have been waiting to see for some time now. If Morbius performs well at the box office, we could very well see Eddie Brock and the Living Vampire share the screen at some point in the future, although that did not happen been officially confirmed. For now, we will just have to wait. In the meantime, you can check out the production start of Morbius below, thanks to Jared Leto's Instagram account.

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