Jason Bateman in Talks to Direct Ryan Reynolds in Clue Remake

The Next Clue film adaptation might have found its director, as Ozark ] Star Jason Bateman is in talks to lead the project. Last year, it was announced that Ryan Reynolds would play in a new movie based on the classic board game of 20th Century Fox with the authors Deadpool Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick writing the screenplay.

Jason Bateman could also play in the film alongside Reynolds, in addition to directing, but as he is still early in the negotiation process, nothing has yet been officially confirmed. Ryan Reynolds also produces via his Maximum Effort banner alongside Allspark Pictures.

Previously, it was announced that the film would be shot on a larger scale than the previous adaptation or the original board game. Described as a "global mystery" with elements of action and adventure, the plan at the time was to potentially create a new franchise that could play both abroad and abroad. in the interior of the country. No other detail about the possible plot is clear, although it will likely include characters with the humorous name of the original board game. One of the two actors could also potentially play the role of the wealthy owner, Mr. Boddy, the victim of the murder, whose death provides the players with the mystery to solve while playing the game.

20th Century Fox

First published in 1949, Index (also known as Index ). as a murder board game for up to six players. Originally made by the British company Waddington, the license has since been awarded to the American toy company Hasbro, which still publishes updated versions of the game to date. Players will choose one of six characters whose names match those of their outfits. The idea is to be the first to discover who the murderer is, what weapon was used and where the murder took place. By browsing the game board, players have the opportunity to eliminate certain suspects, weapons and locations by investigating each piece of Mr. Boddy's mansion.

In 1985, the classic film adaptation cult . was published by director Jonathan Hill, who co-wrote the screenplay with John Landis. Tim Curry, Wadsworth Butler, Martin Mull, Colonel Mustard, Christopher Lloyd, Professor Plum, Lesley Ann Warren, Mrs. Scarlet, Madeline Kahn, Ms. White, Eileen Brennan, Ms. Peacock and Michael McKean, respectively. Mr. green. In order to preserve the spirit of the board game, the film was shot with three distinct purposes, sending random alternative cuts to different theaters. Although the film did not manage to break the piggy bank at the box office, it has since developed a very strong cult and is remembered very fondly by the fans of Clue .

The new film Clue should be in good hands with Bateman at the helm. This week alone, Bateman won the Best Director award in a drama series for his work on the Netflix series Ozark . He will also direct two more episodes of the series for his third season to come. This news comes from the deadline.


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