Jason Bateman Will Direct John Cena in Crazy New Netflix Action Comedy

Netflix announced that Jason Bateman would direct a new comedy with John Cena as the star. It was also revealed that Bateman could appear on the other side of the camera for the project. The untitled comedy unites the director with the writer Game Night Mark Perez.

The comedy of 2018 Game Night was a hit asleep and Netflix seeks to replicate this successful streaming platform. This untitled action movie is not the first time that Bateman associates with Netflix. In addition to playing in Arrested Development he produced, played and directed episodes of Ozark which is critically acclaimed.

Jason Bateman's untitled action film will center on a family stuck in an old abandoned movie studio. The sets come to life and family members find themselves stuck in various movies. The tone and mood are described as being close to Game Night . It will be interesting to see how the new project will unfold under the influence of John Cena. In addition to the production, Bateman produces the film for Netflix with Michael Costigan, his partner at Aggregate Films, and Joe Roth and Jeff Kirschenbaum.

John Cena can be seen in Bumblebee who is still in theaters. The film is not the biggest box-office success of the Transformers franchise, but it is steadily gaining $ 420.9 million worldwide. Cena will also be seen in the action film Project X-Traction with Jackie Chan. The thrillert action is currently in the post-production phase and is expected to come out sometime this year. The start of the filming of the untitled action comedy Netflix has not been announced yet.

Jason Bateman made his debut as a director with Bad Words in 2013 and recently starred in Season 2 of Ozark . Mark Perez is currently writing for the film Carmen Sandiego which is also on Netflix. The streaming platform works very well with its original content lately, with Bird Box making a splash. The film has been streamed by more than 80 million homes since its debut at the end of last year. Until now, the horror movie is the most successful original content project of Netflix. These numbers become more impressive when it is revealed that the streaming platform only counts them when they exceed the 70% mark.

Jason Bateman's untitled action comedy has no current release date, but we should get some news of the production shortly. This already looks like a recipe for success with the crew assembled Game Night and the comic ability of John Cena, which was demonstrated in the film Blockers . 2018 has turned out to be an exceptional year for the WWE Superstar and it seems like he's going to have a lot more acting roles here in the near future. This is a story in development and more news should soon fall. The Hollywood Reporter was the first to announce the news of Jason Bateman and John Cena.


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