Jason Biggs & James Van Der Beek Return in Jay & Silent Bob Reboot

Jay and Silent Bob Reboot have almost completed the shoot and Kevin Smith still has many surprises in his sleeve. The screenwriter / director has just announced that Jason Biggs and James Van Der Beek resume their roles as Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back . Van Der Beek and Biggs have been touted as hilarious versions of themselves taking on the roles of Bluntman and Chronic and Smith says they are back and more funny than ever before.

Kevin Smith states that the scene involving James Van Der Beek and Jason Biggs is one of the first scenes he wrote for Jay & Silent Bob Reboot . The plot takes our heroes to Chronic Con, a convention for Bluntman and Chronic. Smith and his team spent most of last week in the fake Comic-Con centered on Jay and Silent Bob. Smith had this to say about the return of Biggs and Van Der Beek.

"Bluntman & Chronic Classic! James Van Der Beek and Jason Biggs came back to play and it was a bliss! Their scene in Jay & Silent Bob Reboot is one the first books I wrote and I could not wait to shoot it! But as funny as it was on the page, the boys took it to the stars when we ran cameras! They were spitting fire comics like they had been working together for two decades – and not just once in Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back 18 years ago, I can not thank them enough for flying to Nola Make jokes about themselves, our old movie and our new movie too! And shit, it looks like they were kept in amber from 2001! "

Mooby & Is also back for Jay & Silent Bob Reboot and the latest episode of Road to Reb oot takes us inside the fictional fast food joint, which celebrates its 20th anniversary this year, according to Kevin Smith. The chain appeared for the first time in 1999 Dogma and has been featured on three other occasions (including Reboot) in Smith projects. The episode also reveals that the extra who played double the fist coffee in front of Mooby's Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back was back to fill his role again. These are the little touches that Smith has made that will be a treat for Smith fans.

Jay & Silent Bob Reboot will finish production next week and then Kevin Smith field running to edit the film. That said, Smith has spent his weekends at the publishing and admits that he has completed the first 30 minutes of the project with the end. The screenwriter / director hopes that the Reboot will be ready for the theater here this fall, which could well happen. You can see the photo of James Van Der Beek and Jason Biggs in the filming and episode Road to Reboot below, thanks to Kevin Smith's Instagram account.

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