Jason Lee Returns as Jay & Silent Bob Reboot Begins Shooting

Who wants a chocolate pretzel? It's hard to believe, but it's been exactly a year since Kevin Smith survived his heart attack. The director is happy to be alive and wanted to start filming Jay & Silent Bob Reboot on the anniversary of his death. To celebrate, he published a picture of himself, Jason Mewes, and Jason Lee on set and in the character, confirming Lee's role in the highly anticipated sequel, which Smith teased this weekend. It's a beautiful photo, and they all seem to be happy with the meeting. Kevin Smith seems even on the verge of tearing himself apart.

Since last year, Kevin Smith has radically changed his life and lost a lot of weight. The Silent Bob of the past is no longer a distant memory, but the new and improved Smith takes over. In addition to changing his lifestyle, Smith has been advertising Jay & Silent Bob Reboot while keeping fans informed throughout the process. Smith had this to say in his new position.

"A year ago today, I almost died, so today I live on stage with Jason Mewes and Jason Lee on the first day of my new film Jay & Silent Bob Reboot ! I could not think of a better scene to start shooting than returning to the mall with Brodie Bruce.We met all three for a few hours last night to The lines and we realized that we had first rehearsed together waaaaay in the mid 90's. 24 years later probably we have maybe six kids, but Jay, Lee and I were partying like if it was in 1995, laughing by adding jokes and finding inflections. "

We're only at the first day and it looks like Jay & Silent Bob Reboot started well. The guys really look a little older than in the cult classic of 1995 Mallrats but that does not slow them down at all. These are really these characters, even in the photo shown out of context. Kevin Smith thought a little more about last year and explains why they chose to start production that day. He explains.

"The Oscars were in the background during our practice and I could not help feeling relief when the" In Memoriam "editing was over and that I was not there, we chose 2/25 as the start date of Reboot * intentionally *, to celebrate the fact that I did not become Silent Bob forever 365 days ago, but after two hours of happiness to pretend with my friends on the set of my 14th film, I start thinking that I * am * dead after all in this room of operation.Because what's more heavenly? "

The fact that Kevin Smith is alive and healthier than it has ever been is enough to make his fans happy. . However, we also receive the highly anticipated Jay & Silent Bob Reboot which is an added benefit. Now that production has officially begun, Smith's fall release date seems to be a reality. In a recent interview, the director revealed that he was planning to release the much-awaited sequel this fall.

We have no official release date scheduled for Jay & Silent Bob Reboot we know that Kevin Smith is preparing to release it this year. That said, it would not be surprising to see the movie take a release date for the start of 2020, when all is said and done. For the moment, we will have to wait and see. In the meantime, you can check out the first production day photo below, thanks to Kevin Smith's Instagram account.

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