Jay and Silent Bob Reboot BTS Video & First Look Photo Arrive

There seems to be some confusion among Kevin Smith fans. Jay & Silent Bob Reboot has been officially chosen for theatrical distribution by Saban Films and Legion M. Today, we have a first-look image of the pair's triumphal return, as well as a video in which Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes explain exactly what's going on. . The confusion comes with the title. Some are wondering who will replace Jay and Silent Bob during a restart, and is this even a good idea? Well, that's not what's really happening here. Consider this as a continuation of Jay and Silent Bob Counterattack .

Nobody comes to replace Jay and Silent Bob. It would be blasphemous at all levels. Here we have a sequel that sees Hollywood trying to redo Bluntman and Chronic, the superhero adaptation that brought the dubious duo to Los Angeles in Jay and Silent Bob Strikes Back . Knowing that it is a very bad idea, the duo decided to prevent the new Bluntman and Chronic from occurring in View Askewniverse.

Jason Mewes and Kevin Smith have teamed up to offer fans a first image of their image. the film, which has not yet started filming. Yesterday, it was announced that Saban Films had picked up the film for distribution. As Jay and Bob explain in this first-look video, Legion M's also amused. Here is the official update of Legion M.

"Legion M is proud to join Mickey Gooch Jr's Hideout Pictures and Skitbags Entertainment as Kevin Smith's sequel to the 2001 comedy Jay and Silent Strike Back Bob Jay (Jason Mewes) and Silent Bob (Smith) were introduced for the first time 25 years ago in Smith's first film, Clerks and continued to appear in Smith's cinematographic canon, notably Mallrats ., Chasing Amy Dogma Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back and Clerks II as well as the animated film and Super Groovy Cartoon Film by Silent Bob .The new film will contain studs during reboots, remakes and while at the same time being all three simultaneously. "

Many ac go back to Jay and Silent Bob Rises as well as some of Kevin Smith's other films. And the distribution of The CW The Flash also arrives. Here's what Kevin Smith had to say about this business.

"Last February, I almost died, so it's the first anniversary of my widow's heart attack, which celebrated life and marked the spirits of you and death, my best friend and I will be rolling cameras on a sequel / remake / restart of a movie we did for the first time almost twenty years ago! In Jay & Silent's Bob Strike Back, our heroes-based plants have discovered that Hollywood was making a movie based on But they have learned so much as a storyteller and since then I have grown immensely as a filmmaker, so that the public can be sure that they have a great deal to do. wait for something completely different: in Jay & Silent Bob, restart our hero heroes out Hollywood does a reboot of the old movie based on them, so they go to Hollywood to stop it again. My indelible thanks to our amazing Saban partners and Universal for making this dream come true and supporting this cinematic nonsense!

Jason Mewes suggested this

"I'm fed up with doing all the time Shakespeare, so it would be nice to be able to play Jay again. It's been maybe 25 years since I first played at Jersey's idiot-child, but this time will be the best because I really grew up in the role of D & D. Idiot-child in my old age. "

You can watch the video, which comes directly from Legion M, as well as the first picture of the film, before filming even begins.

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