Jay & Silent Bob Reboot Gets Some Cool Cameos, Redbox & Another Video Diary

Kevin Smith announced the appointment of new cast members for Jay & Silent Bob Reboot. Smith shared an image on social media with Joe Manganiello, Craig Robinson, Frankie Shaw and Justin Long. Robinson plays the role of a judge in the courtroom that was shown in the first video diary last week with Manganiello playing a bailiff. Shaw is the prosecutor and Long is the defense. In addition, Smith published Chapter 3 of Road to Reboot, which begins on the first day of production.

We do not know why Jay and Silent Bob have to go to court in the long-awaited sequel, but that may have something to do with Hollywood's plans to restart their property. Jay & Silent Bob Reboot see our heroes lose their rights on Bluntman and Chronic. The duo must travel across the country to prevent Hollywood from reviving with its characters and it seems like they were about to see much more familiar faces of Smith's long career.

In the last chapter of Road to Reboot, Kevin Smith takes us on the set for the first day of production in the comic bookstore Brodie's Secret Stash. Jason Lee is back in the role of Bruce, but he is not featured in the video diary. However, Smith has updated Bruce's iconic shirt of Mallrats . The blurred-faced shirt has been under discussion for many years, but the new version of the shirt introduces the Marvel Comics icon, Stan Lee, who is Bruce's hero. It's a good idea and one of the tributes to Lee that we'll see in Jay & Silent Bob restarted. Jason Lee will he come back?

In another backstage photograph of Jay & Silent Bob Reboot Kevin Smith introduces us to the red box that was placed in front of it. from the quick stop. The era of the video library is over and the sequel should begin in front of the Quick Stop, where we know that the character of Brian O 'Halloran, Dante Hicks, will work. Smith reveals that he has already edited the first 23 minutes of the film and the ending, which he calls one of the most beautiful scenes of his life. For those who are worried about that, he also says that the first 23 minutes could be the funniest he has ever filmed. and it seems that while he respects his current schedule, he will have no problem achieving this goal. However, this schedule can be exhausting over the weeks, especially as the director / screenwriter / star is struggling with many aspects of creating the sequel. Whatever the case may be, Smith is ready to go out Jay & Silent Bob Reboot as soon as possible. You can check out the new cast members and Chapter 3 of Road to Reboot through Kevin Smith's YouTube channel.



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