Jay & Silent Bob Reboot Is Coming to Comic-Con

Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes will host a Jay & Silent Bob Reboot party at San Diego Comic-Con. In April, the director had announced that he was going to present some pictures of the long-awaited sequel to the annual event, but he was perhaps proposing something bigger. The details are rare at the moment, but Smith has just revealed to us that the film is about to enter the sound mixing phase, which means it's almost done.

It is not known exactly where and when Jay The panel of & Silent Bob Reboot will take place or will attend with Kevin Smith with Jason Mewes. Rosario Dawson, Jason Lee, Chris Hemsworth, Justin Long and Shannon Elizabeth all have cameos in the film, so it is possible that one of them, or the many others in the film, may appear. Regarding the footage, Smith could actually have a full version of the film ready to be screened by the time Comic-Con arrives later next month. Smith is responsible for presenting the An Evening with Kevin Smith group in Hall H, so that will probably be where everything goes.

Kevin Smith did not set a release date for Jay & Silent Bob Reboot yet, but he was originally aiming for an outing in the fall. Although this seems definitely feasible at the moment, it seems like a studio already wants to promote the release date. However, that's what the Comic-Con panel could be. Smith has not yet revealed his plans for the annual event, apart from the fact that he will be there and that he will do an episode of his podcast and the annual appearance in the lobby H.

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Whatever it is, Kevin Smith almost finished with Jay & Silent Bob Reboot after what appeared to be a very fast production process. Filming would take place during the week and Smith would spend his weekends making early edits. By the time the filming was almost finished, the director revealed that he had already made a complete editing, which shows the importance of Jay & Silent Bob Reboot for him.

Jay & Silent Bob Reboot will present a tribute to the great late Stan Lee. Many already thought that would be the case, but Smith has just confirmed it. Now that the director presents the highly anticipated sequel to San Diego's Comic-Con, there's only a matter of time left before we have any additional information. Smith is a big problem at the annual event and his fans are eager to see what he has concocted this time with the return of his two beloved characters. The deadline was the first to announce the news of Jay & Silent Bob Reboot .


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