Jay & Silent Bob Reboot Officially Begins Pre-Production

Kevin Smith confirmed that work is finally underway for the Jay & Silent Bob Reboot. The writer / director / actor shared an article on social media on New Year's Day, revealing that he, Jason Mewes and Jordan Monsanto (Mewes's wife) had started the pre-production process, which is great news . In a November interview, Mewes said pre-production was due to begin this month, but nothing was concrete at the time. However, everything seems to be going according to plan. Smith had this to say.

"Past the first day of 2019 with a Jay & Silent Bob Reboot pre-pre-production meeting at our holiday office We Work! Spacious, Jason Mewes took this photo from me and Jordan Monsanto to mark the moment and show that we were the only ones in Hollywood who worked for the holidays. "

Kevin Smith announced for the first time on Jay & Silent Bob Reboot in August 2017, but the project has struggled since, especially when Smith suffered an almost fatal heart attack early last year. Since then Smith has fully recovered and lost more than 20 pounds. This means that there will probably be no jokes about the weight in the sense of Silent Bob this time, unless they are thin jokes. Jason Mewes said his character of Jay and Smith's Silent Bob would be "more mature" during the restart.

As for the date on which Jay & Silent Bob Reboot will begin filming, filming will begin next month in New Orleans. Jason Mewes revealed this information in November with the pre-production news. So it seems like everything is going on from the front. The actor also revealed that he had got the funds needed to perform the restart, so money should not be a problem.

It's hard to know who else will star Jay & Silent Bob Reboot except for Jason Mewes, Kevin Smith and some Flash actors, such as Grant Gustin , Tom Cavanagh and Carlos Ramon, who will have cameos. For the rest of the team, it's unknown at the moment. But one can imagine that Smith will be able to bring back some actors like Ben Affleck, Joey Adams, Jason Lee, Brian O'Halloran, Ethan Suplee and, hopefully, others. We will just have to wait and see.

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The Jay and Silent Bob Reboot ] is still in the early stages of production, so anything can happen at the moment, but we all hope that everything will set up this time and that the film will begin the filming process next month. It's been awhile since we have not seen Jay and Silent Bob on the big screen, and the world is now a lot different, letting a whole new generation make fun of Kevin Smith's unique goal. You can check out the official announcement Jay & Silent Bob Reboot below, thanks to Kevin Smith's Twitter account.


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