Jay & Silent Bob Reboot Poster Hits the High Road to Chronic-Con 2019

The boys are back in town. These boys are Jason Mewes and Kevin Smith, and the city is in Hollywood as Jay & Silent Bob Reboot gets ready for his big screen debut this fall. Today we have a fun poster in the style of iconic artist Drew Struzan, which evokes some of the senseless adventures of these two legends.

It's been 25 years since the two stoner icons were introduced in the classic Clerks that hit art house cinemas in 1994 to become a phenomenon and catapulted Kevin Smith in the stratosphere as the first idle filmmaker. Jay & Silent Bob Reboot serves as a direct follow-up to their first and only live action comedy live Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back although Smith noted that he was not the only one. it is a kind of a remake that will hit many of the same notes and jokes as the original, while opening a new path in the current climate of social media.

This time, our dynamic duo of New Jersey is unyielding for Hollywood, hoping to stop the reboot of the famous film Bluntman and Chronic. It follows a wild road trip that takes them from one coast to another. The slogan refers to the phantasmagoric humor we expect from Smith and Mewes: "To get to Hollywood, they will take the high road. And with that, we're lucky to see some of the people they'll meet, including Harley Quinn Smith, Kevin Smith's real life, as Jay's screen girl. We see the return of Quick Stop Groceries and a host of crazy characters.

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. announced last July at Comic-Con that Fathom Events and Saban Films would launch Jay and Silent Bob Reboot in more than 600 US theaters on Tuesday, October 15, 2019 at 19:00. local time with a special pre-recorded video introduction from Jason Mewes and Kevin Smith. On October 15th, the first 50 people at each location will receive a limited edition poster (subject to availability). Then Thursday, October 17 at 19:00. the public will be entitled to a twofold feature of Miramax's Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back and Jay and Silent Bob Reboot

two evenings that will also feature exclusive bonus content.

Tickets for Jay and Silent Bob Reboot are on sale for these advanced screenings since July. There are no new broad release date plans announced at the moment. Jay and Silent Bob Reboot was written and directed by Smith. Liz Destro and Smodco's Jordan Monsanto produced the sequel to the comedy. After the debut on the big screen, Smith and Mewes will tour the film in some markets as The Jay and Silent Bob Reboot which will begin in Chicago on October 20th. New dates have been announced today to coincide with the poster you can see in the Instagram post below. Created by Smith, characters Jay and Silent Bob have appeared throughout his catalog of cult films in such films as Clerks Mallrats Chasing Amy ] Dogma Miramax Jay and Silent Strike Back Bob and Clerks 2 .

If you want to get your tickets, you can visit Fathom Events and buy them directly for the two big nights already planned. Jay and Silent Bob Reboot will probably be available on VOD before the end of the year. The sequel will be available on Blu-ray and DVD before 2020. If the two-night show becomes a hit, expect The movie will spread quickly in more theaters across the country.


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