Jay & Silent Bob Reboot Targets Fall 2019 Release Date

It seems that Jay & Silent Bob are restarting much earlier than expected. In a new interview, director and star Kevin Smith said he was aiming to produce the much-anticipated sequel to the theaters this fall, which is only months away. The production of the film officially began today and the filming should last until March, according to the production notes published for the film.

Kevin Smith does not waste time getting . Jay & Silent Bob Reboot on the big screen. When asked if the fans would wait or not, Smith said no. He said, "Oh, listen, no, I think we went out in the fall, yeah, it's a quick turnaround." If this is the case, production will be completed by the end of March, which will give Smith about 6 months for editing and making new shots, if necessary. It looks like it will be all the time to do everything Smith wants to do.

At the same time last year, Kevin Smith was recovering from a serious heart attack that had almost ended his life. Since then, the director has been dedicated to getting in shape and working, while watching Infinity War many times. He Teases Jay & Silent Bob Reboot not bad and keeps fans up to date on everything, including when pre-production started on New Year's Day this year until the announcement from the start of production this week. Smith is focused and ready to deliver the long-awaited sequel to his fans.

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During the weekend, Kevin Smith released a new image from the set by Jay & Silent Bob Reboot who caused the return of Brodie Bruce from Jason Lee. The photo in question was that of Bruce's comic shop, Brody's Secret Stash, introduced in 2001 by Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back in 2001. It's also the last time that Lee was playing Brodie on the big screen. It is not confirmed that Lee returns, but Smith gives the impression that the actor is back with him for the first time since 2006 Clerks 2 . Jason Lee appeared for the first time as Brodie Bruce in Mallrats . He played against Banky Edwards in Chasing Amy . Lee would take over both roles in Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back . In Clerks 2 he plays the entirely new role of Lance Dowds. View Askewniverse by Kevin Smith contains the three characters, so it's possible that Jason Lee makes a triple threat, playing the three characters during the restart, if he comes back,

Jay & Silent Bob Reboot will review the reboot culture through Kevin Smith's original lens with what we can only imagine as a multitude of high quality cameos. Until now, Smith and Jason Mewes are the only ones to be officially attached to the film, although Smith has stated that CW's film The Flash was composed of Grant Gustin (Barry Allen / The Flash ), Tom Cavanagh (Harrison Wells). ), and Carlos Valdes (Carlos Ramon / Vibe) will have small roles. Anyway, we are all looking forward to seeing what Jay and Silent Bob have done for all these years. You can view Kevin Smith's original interview at the Mike Calta Show.


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