Jedi Fallen Order Panel Goes Behind the Game at Star Wars Celebration

It may be finally time to be really excited about a Star Wars game. Star Wars Celebration is now invading Chicago and Lucasfilm is revealing a lot to fans. Although episode IX, aka The Rise of Skywalker largely dominated the conversation, video games have always been a very important source of narration in a galaxy far, far away. Fortunately, the people from Respawn Entertainment were on hand to present their new game, Jedi Star Wars: Fallen Order and, to put it mildly, this thing is beautiful.

Respawn worked with Jedi Fallen Order for several years, working with EA, who was not present at the committee. Instead, the entire Respawn development team, as well as Lucasfilm's, contributed to the story. Stig Asmussen ( God of War ) is the director and has assembled a team of game developers from all walks of life. He has also worked with Lucasfilm Story Group to make sure they can tell a real story that fits in the general canon of Star Wars. So, what is this story, exactly?

While they keep a relative secret, even at Star Wars Celebration, Jedi: Fallen Order is centered on an old Jedi Padawan named Cal Kestis, one of the last surviving members of the Jedi order after the purge of order 66. For those who may not remember, order 66 was the one that occurred during the events of Sith Revenge by which Palpatine ordered that the entire order of the Jedi be killed. However, a small number of them have survived, Cal being one of them. He is now on the run between the events of The Sith Rematch and A New Hope .

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At the time of Disney, Lucasfilm had not does much for games, with the exception of Battlefield games that were primarily online shooters. However, in this case, we get a game dedicated to a player, focused on the fight, without multiplayer or microtransactions. When this information was confirmed to the group, people went crazy. The only thing that overcame it was when they rolled the trailer, which focuses heavily on the story (and has since made its way online). Visually, it's amazing and it sounds like a proper story in the franchise, and that's what the best Star Wars games do very well.

One of the biggest surprises of the panel came when it was revealed that Cameron Monaghan, which people may know through his pseudo-joker work on Gotham play our hero, Cal. Monaghan seemed really happy and all the character work we saw gave the impression that he was really bringing something to the role. He did a lot of motion capture and real physical work for the game, in addition to providing the voice. All the behind-the-scenes actions that were presented to us were very impressive. The kind of action that fans look for when they have a lightsaber in hand.

A bit on Cal. Since Order 66, he is very elongated and tries to blend in with the landscape. He is a member of the Scrapper's Guild and tears up old ships destroyed to make a living. Cal has a droid friend, who is described as his equal, named BD-1. We have some pictures of the little guy below, but it looks almost like a projector with a crutch attached to a wheel. BD-1 literally and figuratively provides light in the dark. It has been described at one point as a boy and dog relationship.

So, what about the bad guys in this video game? This part of the game seems particularly fleshy and cool. Our main antagonist is the second inquisitive sister. Anyone who has watched the Star Wars Rebels animated series is already familiar with the Inquisitors, but for those who have not done so, it is mostly Sith-force carriers who are responsible for chasing Jedi. This particular character was teased in an issue of Marvel's series of comics Darth Vader . Some new Stormtroopers help this new Inquisitor (who looked absolutely vicious in the trailer and the design, looks great). These black and red comrades call Purge Troopers and are specially trained to fight and detect the Jedi. They help the inquisitors to find them.

The idea of ​​the Purge Troopers is that the team did not want this to be just a hack and slash game in which the player can simply destroy villains, the average Stormtrooper, with ease without challenge . Instead, these particular enemies will present a real challenge. Talking about the fight, Stig Asmussen explained how easy it would be to fight, for those who just want to play and manage the game. However, those who want to spend a little more time and get involved can master it. the combat system at a deeper level.

One last detail, very interesting, concerns the lightsaber of Cal. At one point, someone asked about Cal's lightsaber on the panel. One of the developers then asked, "How do you know it's Cal's lightsaber?" They were very discreet beyond that, but it was clearly stated that this lightsaber would play a major role in the story of the game. For now, this remains a great mystery.

Overall, at first glance, it was a complete 10/10. Since Disneyfilm bought Lucasfilm in 2012, many fans have been waiting for a big Star Wars match. We could very well, finally, have the match online. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order arrives on PS4, Xbox One and PC on November 15th. For those who may have missed it, we have included the trailer to view. Also be sure to check out the first poster for EA's game, as well as our pictures from the panel below.




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