Jedi Fallen Order Teaser Reveals First Look at New Star Wars Game

EA and Respawn Entertainment unveiled the first teaser of their upcoming Star Wars video game Jedi: Fallen Order . Since Disney bought Lucasfilm in 2012, the company has focused heavily on new movies, animated shows, comics, novels and toys. Unfortunately, video games have suffered a lot. That seems to change very quickly because this first teaser promises a different type of game in a distant galaxy, which will be more than an online shoot-em-up.

The teaser itself is brief, plus a motion poster. We see what appears to be a heavily damaged lightsaber resting on a stone slab on which mysterious symbols are engraved. We can see fiery red embers floating above the lightsaber and the stone, with a blue light flickering from beneath the surface beneath the slab. As disturbing as this picture may be, it is the legend provided with the teaser that should bring the biggest eyebrow in the world.

"Do not stand out. #StarWarsJediFallenOrder."

These words are not worth anything relate to what we know little about history. Although a complete synopsis has not yet been revealed, Jedi Star Wars: Fallen Order will be centered on a Padawan who survived the events of the 66th Order, as shown The Revenge Sith . For those who may not remember it, the 66th Order was the order given by Palpatine to execute all the Jedi. While this mission was brutally successful, some members of the Jedi order managed to escape. "Do not stand out" would be a good slogan to follow for any old Jedi who would come out well.

In the years leading up to the beginning of Disney movies in Star Wars, video games were a way for many fans to get new stories in this universe The Knights of the Universe former Republic and The Force Unleashed are some examples. However, in the new era of Lucasfilm, we just have two shooters online with the new versions of the classic series Battlefront that have disappointed many fans, though the following do its best to improve his predecessor by including a single-player campaign. Yet, if a field is missing up to now in the new regime, it is here.

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Vince Zampella, Head of Respawn Entertainment, and Stig Asmussen, Game Director, will be attending the Star Wars celebration for the panel on Saturday in addition to a few special guests. The panel will take place at 13:30 Paris time. For those who will not be present at the event, it will be broadcast live. We have included below a tweet from the official Twitter account of Star Wars with a link to the feed for Saturday. We will be sure to bring new information and footage revealed on the Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order as it was made available on weekends. Be sure to check out the trailer for the EA Star Wars Twitter account below.


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