Jeff Goldblum Quotes Iconic Jurassic Park Line to Scientists Recreating Dinosaurs

Jeff Goldblum named his character Jurassic Park in response to an article being able to recreate dinosaurs in real life. Dr. Ian Malcolm of Goldblum is a favorite character of the fans and has become an even more famous meme, thanks to his shirtless scene of the film that triggered everything. In this movie, Goldblum's Malcolm warned against the creation of dinosaurs and he is doing it now in real life.

Jeff Goldblum published an article on social media during the weekend of 2015. The title of the article is: "Scientists say They can recreate live dinosaurs in the 5 next years. "Certainly this article is almost five years old now and we do not seem to be closer to creating a real world Jurassic Park but even if we were there, the general public is aware? However, Goldblum has decided to have fun with this article, which has probably been sent to him over the years. He had this to say.

"Your scientists were so concerned about whether they could or could not, they did not stop to think they should …"

The Answer from Jeff Goldblum is as follows: Dr. Ian Malcolm tells Dr. Hammond, Alan Grant and Ellie Sattler in 1993 Jurassic Park . Malcolm is against Hammond 's idea of ​​challenging nature and going against the ethic by designing genetically cloned dinosaurs for a theme park. The use of science to create dinosaurs does not really work in movies and this continues to the new era of the franchise with the series Jurassic World . In the article that Goldblum shared, scientists at Harvard and Yale claim that they will be able to clone dinosaurs in the next five to ten years through the use of chickens.

Harvard and Yale scientists are essentially trying to turn the tide. -engine a chicken in a dinosaur by inverting some genetic switches in chicken embryos. The article goes on to say that these scientists have already begun "to insert the genes of a woolly mammoth into elephants in order to recreate the extinct animals". Jeff Goldblum and Dr. Ian Malcolm may be on the right track. We do not really need to have big chicken dinosaurs or woolly mammoths wandering around the planet in the near future.

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Jeff Goldblum appeared in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom last year, and fans hope that he will come back for the third and final film of the latest trilogy. Jurassic World 3 is scheduled to be released on June 11, 2021. Star Chris Pratt recently revealed that he had spoken to Laura Dern and hinted that her character Ellie Sattler might come back for the third installment, which would be huge for fans of the Jurassic Park . Thanks to Jeff Goldblum's Twitter account, you will find below the perfect answer to scientists trying to create genetically modified dinosaurs.


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