Joaquin Phoenix Is No Joker After Swiping Paramedics’ Truck with Tesla

A few days after the release of the controversial but successful police drama Joker star Joaquin Phoenix proved himself to be very different from the vile character of real life. While he was driving his Tesla to West Hollywood on Tuesday, Phoenix accidentally scraped the bumper of a L.A. County fire department truck parked. Since the damage was minor and the truck was unoccupied, many motorists may have been tempted to flee immediately. This was not the case with Phoenix, who tried to find the paramedics and informed them of the accident. This is obviously the opposite of what we expected from Arthur Fleck, who seems to enjoy the destruction.

As a result of the accident, Joaquin Phoenix located paramedics nearby at the time of their call. Taking full responsibility, Phoenix admitted to having miscalculated the distance between the truck and his Tesla. The property of L.A. having been damaged, the police were called, an injury report was filed and information on the insurance exchanged. The damage to the truck would also be minimal, with only a small scratch affecting the vehicle. Meanwhile, the Phoenix-driven Tesla suffered the worst of the accident, having suffered damage to the right front panel. Because Phoenix would have been "cordial and easy to deal with" for the forces of order, the actor did not finally receive a ticket for the accident. Sometimes it pays to be the right guy.

You can certainly see another aspect of Phoenix in the film Joker . Directed by Todd Phillips with a screenplay co-written by Phillips and Scott Silver, the film presents a new version of the Prince of Crime clown, offering an original story for the famous villainous Batman. Zazie Beats, Frances Conroy and Robert De Niro are also on the bill. Perhaps the most "realistic" representation of the supervillain series to date, the film contains no supernatural elements and is by no means your typical adaptation of comics.

at the box office?

It is rather a psychological thriller that serves as a study of the character to one of the most demented psychopaths in the history of pop culture. Although disturbing and gritty, the film turned out to be a huge financial success and with critics, beating many box office records in October.

However, some people are very dissatisfied with the publication of [1945]. Joker in the cinema. Before its release, it was feared that the film would inspire imitative assassins or mass shootings. Fears had reached a point where security had been enhanced during film screenings and forbidden costumes in many cinemas. Fortunately, the release of the film has not caused any real violence and most viewers seem very satisfied with the result. Despite the controversy, Joker is already generating a ton of buzz at the Oscars, Phoenix's performance in particular being particularly sought to allow him to receive the nomination for best actor.

] Congratulations to Phoenix for doing the right thing. These types of accidents occur and, as always, it is best to look at them knowing that this could certainly have been worse. One of Hollywood's most infamous car accidents was Joaquin Phoenix, saved from his car overturned by iconic filmmaker Werner Herzog, which you can listen to in the video below. Anyway, Phoenix will probably take those turns a bit more cautiously when he drives his Tesla from now on. This news comes from TMZ.


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