Joel Kinnaman Outruns the FBI, NYPD and the Mob

Joel Kinnaman attempted to find a suitable franchise in America and was close to RoboCop to replace it, which did not really resonate with the fans. It was part of Suicide Squad and countless other action dramas that almost took place, but not quite. Kinnaman is back in his most ambitious crime thriller to date. Today, we have a preview of The Informer with the start of the Rowing Pictures trailer.

Taken in a world of impossible choices, watch the film planned by one man escape the clutches of three of the most powerful organizations in New York City, the crowd, the NYPD and the FBI, in order to to save himself and his family. Alongside Joel Kinnaman are Rosamund Pike, Clive Owen, Common and Ana de Armas. Rowing Pictures & # 39; The Informer is in cinemas on March 22!

The world of Special Ops soldiers, Pete Koslow (Joel Kinnaman) was honorably overthrown and imprisoned after a fight to protect his wife (Ana de Armas). He gave a chance of early release by becoming an informant for the FBI (Oscar nominees Rosamund Pike and Clive Owen) and using his secret skills for an operation to defeat The General, the most powerful crime leader in New York.

But when the FBI wants to win his freedom in Koslow, the NYPD infiltrated policeman dies, Koslow finds himself caught between two fires. The general insists that Koslow take the heat and send him back to prison to carry out a drug operation from the inside, and the FBI says that the return to prison to do so is a decision of General Koslow to stay alive.

Koslow must return to prison, where he formulates a plan to escape the clutches of his oppressors. Andrea Di Stefano directs The informant . He works from a screenplay written by writers Matt Cook, Rowan Joffe and Andrea di Stefano. The film is based on the book “Three Seconds” by Anders Roslund and Börge Hellström. This crime thriller is produced by Basil Iwanyk, Erica Lee, Wayne Marc Godfrey, Robert Jones, Mark Lane, James Harris and Ollie Madden for Aviron Pictures.

Discover Joel Kinnaman who is trying to take a break again. thanks to his own star vehicle. The man is broke and ready to go down and get dirty. He is about to return in Suicide Squad 2 but this sequel is being reorganized by the former director of Disney, out of favor, James Gunn, who could bring in a new cast. Joel Kinnaman also signed for more movies RoboCop but this first film is considered a fiasco, so the franchise is being redeveloped as a result of the original film that does not include Joel . So now we must be satisfied with The Informer which seems better suited to human talents. This certainly looks like one of the outings not to be missed next year.


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