John Hammond Is Getting His Own Jurassic Park Action Figure at Comic-Con

The Comic-Con of San Diego will have an exclusive character who Jurassic Park ] The fans will love it. The iconic John Hammond is a new addition to the Legacy Collection of Jurassic World by Mattel. It will be available only at Comic-Con next week. Fans may want to act quickly if they want to have one. That being said, Mattel will offer pre-orders on his official website and the Hammonds purchased in advance will be able to be picked up at Mattel's booth after registration.

The Jurassic World John Hammond's Legacy Collection action figure is approximately 3.75 inches and includes his iconic cane and a stand with hatching dinosaur eggs. The figure "reflects his innovative spirit, his caring role as grandfather and his great expectations for his amusement park in Isla Nublar". As for pricing, the Hammond figure will be sold for $ 15, online and at the booth. As for knowing when pre-orders will be put into service, it's not clear at the moment, but we could assume that it will come early next week. Once again, once pre-ordered, they will have to be recovered at Comic-Con.

Although the John Hammond Jurassic World figurine is an exclusive feature of Comic-Con, this is not the case. how many of them were produced by Mattel. However, since it is an exclusive product, it is highly likely that they will be sold more expensive elsewhere than after the event. Mattel has not announced if the remains would be sold online after the closure of Comic-Con next Sunday. Like all Comic-Con exclusives, John Hammond will probably end up selling fast.

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The Jurassic World Collection also features characters exclusive of Comic-Con, such as Dr. Ian Malcolm, the Extreme Chompin's T-Rex, mini-dinosaurs, the Velociraptor, Alan Grant, Dr. Ellie Sattler, Robert Muldoon and many more. It is actually quite surprising that they have never published John Hammond's figurine so far, but nothing looks like this and the fans of Jurassic Park will be more than happy to install their shelves at home with their other pieces of the franchise. Mattel will probably also have many of the above-mentioned figures on his stand.

If you're going to be in San Diego next weekend, head over to Mattel's booth to pick up your John Hammond figure. . Hammond died shortly after the events of The Lost World . It is therefore a beautiful tribute to the fans of Jurassic Park who were looking for a way to honor the creator of the most dangerous park known to man. You can go to Mattel for pre-order information and ask a friend to pick up yours if you can not get there. Hopefully there will be enough for all fans of Jurassic Park who wish to have one.


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