John Travolta Gets Super Creepy in First Look at Fred Durst’s The Fanatic

John Travolta will soon be the star of the movie Stalker The Fanatic of Limp Bizkit, l & Head man Fred Durst, and a photo of the actor in the character made his way online. Recently recently renamed, the film originally had to call Moose hence the name of the main character of Travolta. In addition to directing the film, Durst co-wrote the screenplay with Dave Bekerman. The main photography work was done in Alabama and the project is currently in post-production. VMI will handle sales of the thriller, and the release date has not been fixed yet.

Apparently, Fred Durst would have been inspired to do The Fanatic after his actual encounter with an obsessive fan who began to harass him. In the film, Travolta will embody a movie buff named Moose, perhaps a little too obsessed with action star Hunter Dunbar. What begins with the harassment of celebrity becomes more and more dangerous as Moose focuses on the total destruction of the actor's life. The final destination the star Devon Sawa, will be alongside Travolta and will interpret the celebrity referred to, Hunter Dunbar, in the film. Ana Golja, Jacob Grodnik and James Paxton are also on the bill.

John Travolta has the habit of portraying villains, playing the role of villains in many action and drama movies over the years. Roles in Movies Like Pulp Fiction Face Off The Punisher and Gotti saw it take pretty characters. However, Moose seems to be something new for the veteran actor. Although Travolta usually plays the role of a gang leader or a dangerous gangster in most of his nasty roles, it will this time be an ordinary man whose Obsession with a certain celebrity becomes psychotic. Moose does not seem to be a criminal brain like some of the other Travolta characters, but he will apparently be just as dangerous. It's a fear shared by many celebrities with similar horror stories, and it's really amazing that the cost of fame is worth it.

The fanatic will be Durst's third film as a filmmaker. He made his directorial debut in 2007 with the dramatic film The Education of Charlie Banks starring Jesse Eisenberg and Jason Ritter. It told the story of a young man named Charlie (Eisenberg) who was meeting at the university with a high school hangman (Ritter), suspecting his former executioner of revenge. Durst continued with the comedy film about sport The Longshots which was released a year later, in 2008. With Keke Palmer and Ice Cube, the film is based on the real story of Jasmine Plummer, the first woman to participate in the Pop Warner football tournament.

More than ten years after the release of his latest film, Durst is back in the presidency of the director. Admittedly, the very concept of a film about the stalker John Travolta directed by the leader of the group Limp Bizkit seems very interesting. No official release date is currently set for the movie, but we hope to find out more and see real footage soon. This information comes from Bloody Disgusting.

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