Joker Cracks IMDb Top 10 Highest-Rated Movies of All Time List

Joker has proven to be a huge hit with users of IMDb, as the controversial film is now one of the top-rated films in the online database. From this moment, the film is currently in position # 9, behind classic titles such as The Shawshank Redemption Pulp Fiction and the first two . Godfather movies. This also marks two separate places in the top 10 for the crime clown prince, as The Dark Knight with Heath Ledger as Joker is currently ranked. 4. Although this ranking is impressive to achieve so soon after its creation, it should also be noted that this number could begin to decline rapidly if more IMDb users give it lower ratings at the same time. during its theatrical production and subsequent broadcast in home video.

Directed by Todd Phillips using a scenario co-authored with Silver scott, Joker presents an alternative narrative for the arch-nemesis of Batman. To be clear, the independent film has no historical connection with any other Warner Bros. movie. and DC. It stars Joaquin Phoenix as Arthur Fleck, an unlucky clown who dreams of great success as a comedian. His constant failures and obvious mental illness will lead him to become Joker with face painting and colorful costume. Robert De Niro, Zazie Beetz, Frances Conroy and Brett Cullen appear alongside Phoenix in the blockbuster film. to and after its theatrical release. This mainly concerned the violent and disturbing content of the film, which feared being inspired by mass shootings or imitative killers. Although nothing like this happened at that time, the film continues to silence the ardor of those who feel liberated was irresponsible. Even so, the majority of professional critics praised Phillips' management and Phoenix's performance as a nasty DC villain, with even some of his critics reluctantly admitting Joker should be in place for the Academy Consideration on the price.

Bound: Joker reportedly had bloopers after the credit if Joaquin Phoenix was successful

DC and Warner Bros. are undoubtedly very happy to see the success achieved by Joker . While many episodes of the CESD have underperformed both at the box office and with critics, things are much better for Clown Prince of Crime's solo film. The film raised close to $ 100 million in the country during its opening weekend, and these numbers will only continue to climb. The decision to create an entirely new story, completely separate from the CUSD, was a wise decision, as it gave Phillips the creative control necessary for Joker to be truly autonomous. The role is very different from any previous performance of the classic character and has already become one of the most appreciated, alongside names like Jack Nicholson and Heath Ledger.

Joker now plays in theaters around the world. Therefore, if you have not seen the movie yet, watch it on the big screen to see what the hype is about you. Although the release has certainly generated a variety of opinions, the figures suggest that the majority of viewers will be very satisfied with the film. You can see the complete list of the best movies of all time on IMDb on


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