Joker & Harley Quinn Team-Up Movie No Longer Happening in the DCEU?

The DCEU could be supplemented by Jared Leto Joker's film projects for the moment. According to sources, the film Joker & Harley Quinn, as well as DCEU's JCE solo project, no longer occur, or if they are, they are not a major priority. Margot Robbie's Birds of Prey are filming and Jared Leto is in the UK preparing to begin work on Sony's Morbius . Many think that Leto has finished playing the prince's crime clown, although this remains to be confirmed.

It seems that the film Joker & Harley Quinn as well as the Joker solo project of the DCEU The studio has a resounding success with Aquaman James Wan and seeks to go from the front, away from connected DCEU projects. With Wonder Woman 1984 Shazam! and Aquaman 2 the studio is preparing to launch Joaquin Phoenix in Joker, which is considered very different. take the iconic villain. In other words, the future is bright for DC projects.

A screenplay for the movie Joker & Harley Quinn ended last fall. The writers Glenn Ficarra and John Requa revealed their idea and it sounded rather crazy taking Bad Santa and mixing it with This is Us . The studio would have been rather pleased with the results at the time, but even Ficarra and Requa seemed not to know if and when the movie was coming out. With Leto making a movie Marvel and Joaquin Phoenix with the movie Joker it seems he does not come back on the character.

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It's rumored that Margot Robbie will not be back in James Gunn's Suicide Squad 2 which probably means that Jared Leto's Joker will not be there either. It is thought that Gunn is starting from scratch for his version of the story. Leto was barely seen in the first installment, so the change may not be too serious. However, Robbie's Harley Quinn helped make the film a box office hit, which also spread the popularity of his character to the masses. There is a reason Birds of Prey to be on the bridge.

With Joaquin Phoenix in turn in Joker the studio could take a breath of the character, which makes a lot of sense. That said, it is possible that other films with Jared Leto on board may occur later, so as not to confuse the audience. This is pure speculation, but for now it looks like the movie Joker & Harley Quinn and the standalone DCEU version of a Joker project are completed for the moment. With a ton of positive reviews of Wonder Woman and Aquaman Warner Bros. is well positioned to keep moving forward. This report comes from Forbes.


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