Joker Makes a Helpless Victim Out of Comicdom’s Most Diabolical Supervillain

There are many hopes among comic book fans (I'm one) who ascend to Todd Philips Joker Original film starring Joaquin Phoenix in the lead role as Prince's Prince of Crime. Two main hopes are to give us a Joker that lives up to the legendary performance of Heath Ledger as Joker in . ] The Black Knight .

The other hope is to finally be able to win the best Oscar comedy film and provide the ultimate seal of approval for comic strip movies as a serious prize worthy of the most critical acclaim and recognition. Unfortunately, by shooting for these two lofty goals, the film itself is so far away from its comic book roots that it might as well not be a film Joker just a movie. story of a guy with mental illness who wears a clown makeup.

To begin, let me say that any comparison between Heath Ledger and Joaquin Phoenix is ​​rendered null by the fact that the characters they describe, apart from sharing the same name, are so different that they might as well be two separate people. Ledger Joker was a criminal brain that hid his nihilistic vision under cover of madness. The world saw Joker as a madman, but he was a genius of evil capable of pushing the world's greatest detective to his mental limits.

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This idea of ​​ Joker as a brain remained constant in all the comics, drawings and adaptation of the film. Until the arrival of Phoenix. His Joker is an extremely ordinary man, animated by his violent impulses and swept away by the wave of events. His first murder is a defensive act against three bullies. His next crimes are extremely personal and impulsive acts, which are the result of a victim who finally acts against his oppressors, rather than those of a villain who delights in his evil nature. Even after the beginning of a revolution in the streets, it is clear that it was never his intention nor the events under his control after he accidentally lit the fuse on the barrel of powder which constitutes the lower class of Gotham, deprived of his rights.


The character we finally joined the unidentified narrator of Fight Club rather than the master of chaotic evil that is the comic strip ] Joker . . We can imagine the Joker played by Ledger, Hamill, Nicholson or even Leto that gives Batman a difficult time. The Phoenix Joker on the other hand, would not last more than one second in such a scenario. He is neither a supervisor nor even a villain. In one scene, we see him kill a man who had wronged him and spare another who had been his friend. It was not the action of the comic Joker but simply a deranged but generous-hearted man who acted against a particular person to whom he believed the To have done wrong.

Todd Philips has repeatedly insisted that there would be no Joker encountered Batman's sequel for his film, which is quite logical. This Joker is in no way adapted to become the sworn enemy of Batman. And that's why, from the point of view of a comic book lover, this film finally disappointed me, despite the brilliant performance of Phoenix. I came to the theater in the hope of seeing the origin of the most devilish villain of the comic, the fool renowned for his most sadistic acts of torture and chaos, with unbearable joy, strength unstoppable nature opposed to the motionless Batman, the charismatic cult. The leader who governs the underground world of Gotham and practically hypnotizes his lackey army to carry it out.

Instead, I saw a film about a sad and lonely man struggling to cope with his mental illness while being assailed by poverty and an insensitive. society, until it finally makes a daring decision and starts a revolution and at the same time becomes a popular hero. Something like The Killing Joke, but sadder and darker. While in The Killing Joke, the simple and generous man is turned into a madman by falling into a toxic tank of chemicals that deform him, here Arthur Fleck AKA Joker Remains the idem, sad and lonely man, but with a more violent tendency.

This was a nice nice film in its settings, but I still wait to watch a 19459005 Joker original film that makes justice to the character for whom I grew up reading. Until then, I can still watch again Breaking Bad whose main character follows a more satisfying trajectory: passing from a simple ordinary guy to an intriguing, diabolical and ultimately unrepentant crime lord.

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Neeraj Chand


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