Joker Possibly Heading to Venice Film Festival, Is It an Oscars Contender?

It seems that Warner Bros. could be taking Todd Phillips & # 39; Joker Venice Film Festival. According to sources close to the studio, the launch in Venice may well launch the season of fall awards. Joaquin Phoenix is ​​no stranger to the festival and has appeared several times over the years, including last year for The Sisters Brothers . Phoenix won the Best Actor Festival in 2012 at the festival for his role in Paul Thomas Anderson The Master . Joker could he win some prizes at the festival and later at the Academy Awards?

Warner Bros. has already revealed that he would sit in San Diego this year -Con, the launch of Joker by the Venice Film Festival makes sense. Having said that, it might be a good idea to give the upcoming movie a cliche of the more successful clown crime prince when it comes to commercializing the project. The first trailer plays as a tribute to King Of Comedy's Martin Scorsese and taxi driver who are far from the normal superhero movies of the moment.

When a fan called Todd Phillips to tell him not to follow the story of a traditional cartoon for Joker the director has just say, "Yeah, you might want to ignore this one." Although little has been publicly discussed about the project, it has been described from the beginning as something different from what the DCEU and the MCU have been doing in recent years. Joaquin Phoenix stated that Joker is a character study of the wicked and that, by his appearance, he was true to his description.

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With Todd Phillips And The Studio In Search Of A New Approach With Joker The film is likely to be comic book fans. However, the director does not seem very concerned about his interpretation of the iconic character. Phillips and Joaquin Phoenix clearly take the Joker in a new direction, which could spark serious attention at the awards ceremony early next year. Phoenix has been nominated many times and is arguably one of the best actors of his generation. In addition, this is not the first time that the crime clown prince is attracting attention at this annual event.

It is notorious that Heath Ledger won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor [2009]. Joker to The Black Knight . Black Panther by Marvel Studios was recently nominated for seven Oscars, including best film, and won three awards. There is a precedent and with Todd Phillips & # 39; Joker making its way, the film could be destined for bigger things, while possibly exposing the character to a audience who would not normally watch a comic-based movie. For now, we have to see what Warner Bros. decide to do with the movie. Joker released in theaters on October 4th. The deadline was the first to report news from the Venice Film Festival.


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