Joker Returns in Birds of Prey Set Photos, Has Jared Leto Been Recast?

Birds of Prey will officially present the Joker. New filtered photos of the film reveal that the Prince of Crime clown will appear, but it is difficult to know exactly who plays the character in the next DC movie. Since the project was announced, DC fans wondered if Mr. J was going to make an appearance and the consensus was that he was not there. Much has been said about the film Joker and Harley Quinn being put on hold and it looks like Jared Leto has finished with the character.

New pictures of . Birds of Prey shows the Joker who casts Harley Quinn's belongings from the window of a second floor of a house. We can see below the character Harley Margot Robbie trying to catch what Mr. J throws him. To take a closer look, it looks like it's Jared Leto's version of the villain, because we can easily see that the actor in question is wearing a gold chain around his neck. However, Leto is currently shooting Morbius the Living Vampire for Marvel and Sony in England.

Since we can barely see his face, he could simply act from a backstage scene or something that sets the tone. for Birds of Prey Not having too much Joker. This scene defines the complete title of the film, which is Birds of Prey : (And the fantastic emancipation of a certain Harley Quinn). That said, Warner Bros. could have involved any actor to replace Jared Leto in a fast scene where his face is mostly obscured. It is also possible that the studio has summoned Leto for a fast scene, although this seems doubtful at the moment.

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Joaquin Phoenix plays a different version of the famous villain in the movie " Todd Phillips " Joker and this project is outside the DCEU. Comedian Marc Maron has recently revealed new information on the mysterious project. He echoed Phoenix's claims that the story was a character study, but he went one step further, claiming it was a serious approach to the villain including elements of mental illness. This seems very different from the version that Jared Leto made famous in the Suicide Squad .

Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn was also seen playing barmaid in another leak Birds of Prey placed pictures from last week. It seems that it serves margaritas, but it is unclear exactly where it is and how it will fit in with history. The plans also show the character's new look for the movie and it might be more comfortable for Robbie this time around. The actress said how difficult it was to get into the character for the Suicide Squad .

Birds of Prey and a Joker cameo This is not really a surprise, but it suggests the possibility of a possible return of Jared Leto to the future. Maybe the movie Joker and Harley Quinn is not doomed to failure after all. A supposedly "foolish" draft of the script was written and the studio would have been delighted when it was completed. Perhaps we will have to wait for the dust to dissipate after the film Birds of Prey and Todd Phillips & # 39; Joker . While waiting to know, you can consult the Birds of Prey Attach photos of Mr. J below, thanks to Birds of Prey . Twitter account update.


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