Joker Searches on Pornhub Are Surging After Record-Breaking Debut

Joker is a well-known box-office phenomenon that made its debut this weekend. end the October record originally set by the spin-off Venom from Sony Spider-Man . DC's villain even managed to beat the opening of the Justice League with a half-less budget. Many fans can not get enough at the moment, and some of them even turn to Pornhub for an alternative solution. Joker but another faction of fans is trying to find an alternative way to celebrate DC's long-time super villain. The enthusiasm for the character is obvious, since Pornhub, one of the leaders of adult entertainment on the Internet, has reported a massive resurgence of searches on his site Joker .

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This news comes as Joker continues to make big waves at the box office, to become a huge blockbuster success. By October 6, the film had raised $ 96.2 million at the national box office and $ 152.2 million abroad, for a gross total of $ 248.4 million. So there is nothing mysterious why search engines are experiencing an increase in the size of the tidal wave.

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In terms of their Follow-up statistics, Pornhub has made more than 741 000 research involving the work Joker during the first four days of its theatrical release. The biggest hike took place last Sunday, with 291,628 searches looking for a naughty version of the Prince of Crime clown. And there have been more than a few adult-themed parodies featuring the smashing criminal brain.

This is to be expected. According to Pornhub insiders, they have observed similar search trends whenever a cartoon movie arrives in theaters. When Suicide Squad hit the big screen in 2016, DC Comics fans looking to expand their horizons were not necessarily looking for adult dishes featuring Jared Leto's movie Joker ]. Joker Since the emancipation of his girlfriend Harley Quinn, played in the original version of Warner Bros. from Margot Robbie.

Margot Robbie's version of Harley Quinn remains the most popular film or video game character on the adult entertainment website. And Harley has recorded more than 10 million searches in 2019.

For now, there is no direct adult parody of the Joaquin Phoenix version yet from Joker ]. But there are a lot of alternatives. There are many other DC comics parodies that can be found in part or in full. This story was first brought to our attention at TMZ. Joker is still on the bill, and is heading to a second stellar weekend at the box office. And Birds of Prey is sure to provoke another Pornhub search attempt when it arrives in theaters next year. Topics: Joker


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