Joker Would’ve Had Post-Credit Bloopers If Joaquin Phoenix Got His Way

Joker has arrived indoors and, loves or hates, the movie s proved to be a huge success for Warner Bros. He continues in the wake of the tubes for DC Films. But unlike other comics films, Joker does not try to create sequels, spin-offs, or anything else. It's an autonomous thing. Whatever it is, star Joaquin Phoenix still wanted to include post-credit sequences.

Warning: minor spoilers for Joker follow. As it stands, the film does not contain any kind of post-credit scene or footage. It's purely generic. However, in a recent interview, director Todd Phillips revealed that Joaquin Phoenix liked the idea of ​​including bloopers alongside names in the credits, as opposed to a post-credit or post-credit scene. something like that Nevertheless, Phillips thought the idea did not look right, so they did not adopt it. Here's what Phillips had to say.

"The idea of ​​a post-credit scene in this film would seem false and a bit too light for me, it would not have been something we did, but Joaquin [Phoenix] said that it would be fun to place the bloopers next to the names, as they did at the time. "

Long before the Marvel film universe made the post-war Credit a standard practice for comic books, bloopers were something we were treated from time to time. Since Joker does not look like an average cartoon adaptation, it's easy to see why Joaquin Phoenix would have thought, at least by the way, that it was a decent idea.

That said, Joker is a dark, dark film that ends in a very dark way. To go from this dark end to a blooper reel would be unacceptable to say the least. Despite the disagreement over this minor detail, Todd Phillips and Joaquin Phoenix were hearing very well. Phillips had only praise for Phoenix as an interpreter in the same interview.

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"It's hard to quantify how n? Any actor, but especially Joaquin, take a scene, you'd almost need the page in front of you and then realize all that this guy brings to the character, he just surprised me in so many ways. to the cameraman and said to him: "Do you see that?" Clearly, he was.

Critics remain divided on Joker all in all, but the consensus seems to be that Joaquin Phoenix has given potential value to the Oscars As such, do not be surprised to hear pronouncing his name when Oscar nominations take place at the beginning of the year. next year Add to that a remarkable box office performance up to & Nbsp; at present, with Joker . the box office record of the opening weekend of October, while it's around the $ 300 million in the world, and Warner Bros., Phillips and Phoenix have not no reason to do anything but celebrate. For us via Games Radar.


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