Jon Favreau Is Cautiously Hopeful That Spider-Man Will Return to the MCU

Jon Favreau is optimistic about the entire Spider-Man dispute between Marvel Studios and Sony. The director is currently in Anaheim, California, for the D23 exhibition, mainly to discuss his upcoming live film of the Star Wars series The Mandalorian . But how not to question the actor of Happy Hogan on his friend Peter Parker and all the real-life dramas unfolding behind the scenes? Favreau not only answered a question about the situation, but he gave a positive turn, which could give hope to the fans.

The Spider-Man debacle largely overshadowed anything that may have gone missing last week, which is understandable. Spider-Man: Far From Home has just become the most profitable movie of Sony of all time and of Avengers: Endgame has become the most profitable movie of all time , period. Everything about Peter Parker is big news. Before tackling the controversy, Jon Favreau joked about it. He had this to say.

"After all this time, it took him 10 years to establish good relations! It is still early.As a fan, (I) hopefully cautiously that something gathered, because I think all fans want to see these characters together, I do not mean Happy and May, I mean Spidey with the MCU. "

Disney and Marvel Studios are believed to want to spend more money transmitting with sharing Spider-Man . The number has been reported differently over the last week, but it has also been reported that Sony no longer thinks it needs Kevin Feige and Marvel Studios. However, Jon Favreau launches a little caution to the fans, as well as a little hope. Favreau explains.

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"So, still at the very beginning, that's not always what you read – is not always representative of the current state of affairs, so hopefully I'll find more while I'm here … But as a fan, I hope … you know, cautiously optimistic … it's not the last chapter of this story. "

Jon Favreau would know it better than anyone at this stage. He works behind the scenes with Disney, Lucasfilm, Sony and Marvel Studios. Therefore, if he is optimistic, his fans should be too. Although he does not come to say it explicitly, he suggests that the stories reported are not quite accurate. In addition, he also said that he was very early in the process, which is also positive and proves that there is still time to reach an agreement in the coming weeks or months.

Jon Favreau is cautiously optimistic about the situation of Spider-Man . Marvel Cinematic Universe should do the same and think positively. Pointing to one or the other studio does not help anything, although that still proves how much they need each other to keep the train of sauces on the rails. Entertainment Tonight was the first to report Jon Favreau's reflections on the debate on Spider-Man .

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