Jurassic Park Becomes a Fyre Festival Doc in Fan-Made Mashup Video

The Jurassic Park replies to of Fyre ] ] Fest in a new documentary mashup. The Fyre Fest received two documentaries, one entitled Fyre and another entitled Fyre of Fyre . Fraud, which were made public at the same time and made many people think about the seriousness of the situation behind the scenes. There was literally no organization and the goal has always seemed to be done to rip people off. However, these two documentaries have nothing on the last Jurassic Park that works much better than you probably do not think now.

ceases to think about it, Jurassic Park and the Fyre Festivals have a lot in common, which unfolds perfectly in the fake trailer for Jurassic Fraud. Fyre The CEO Billy McFarland is replaced by John Hammond and things are really too perfect considering the editing of the video. The terrible sleeping conditions are shown and then the dinosaurs are seen wandering freely. The infamous aquatic scene of the documentary Fyre is brought back in all its splendor, but it takes a turn when one of the men trying to deliver the water palettes is devoured by a dinosaur.

Even the food of Fyre Fest, which quickly became viral of a piece of bread with cheese, is presented, but this time, 'is replaced by the Jell-O lime of Jurassic Park . Almost every film in the franchise Jurassic Park is used to build the documentary Jurassic Fraud and you will hope that it lasted longer than the 3 minutes it lasted. It is quite surprising how many precise parallels exist between the fictional John Hammond and real life Billy McFarland.

Related: Netflix's Fyre trailer takes you inside the Fiasco Insane Music Festival 19459006 19459007 John Hammond and Billy McFarland bought islands without saving "their spending trying to attract consumers. Although Jurassic Park was a fiction, Hammond at least kept his original promise, which was to make humans and dinosaurs interact, but he did not expect the things would become so bloody. McFarland, a bankrupt CEO, could not even convince Blink-182 or Ja Rule to go to the festival Fyre . It's pretty funny to have to buy thousands of toilets, but Jeff Goldblum's Dr. Ian Malcolm arrives on a pile of giant dinosaur pooches.

Obviously, Jurassic Park has been lost, while Billy McFarland is just in jail and is trying to teach his classmates musical production. Anyway, even if you liked the Fyre and Fyre documentaries against fraud, you will probably still enjoy more than Jurassic Fraud because They are fictitious people who are ripped off and, in some cases, torn apart, they are not real humans like McFarland who managed the debacle of Fyre ]. Whatever it is, you can watch the beautiful parody below, thanks to the Nerdist YouTube channel.


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