Jurassic Thunder Trailer Unleashes Dinosaur Carnage with a Weaponized T-Rex

The last trailer Jurassic Thunder arrived. Horror fans are entitled to a new type of weapon in the pictures. This new weapon is a T-Rex with a gigantic pistol attached to the side of its head. It's as crazy as you think as we watch it chase certain enemies. High Octane Pictures will release the new fun independent horror film, which was written and co-directed by Milko Davis ( Tsunambee ), on DVD and digital on March 10, 2020. Jurassic Thunder may have hit some local theaters last year, but it now has international distribution.

The Jurassic Thunder history begins when a secret desert base is forced to divert the Third World War against a formidable adversary. A group of brave commandos and armed dinosaurs are hired to do the job. Although the story does not seem so complicated, dealing with huge dinosaurs that have a strong firepower behind them does not seem to be an easy task. He also hinted that these new Dino warriors may not like their new occupation, which may encourage them to rebel. This is going to be an intense mission for all parties involved and the trailer proves it.

There is a lot of action to do in the last look at Jurassic Thunder that the dinosaurs get to work. There are also many warnings regarding the creation of a new species with more than a few nods at Jurassic Park . In addition, it looks like there will be a presidential character who appears to be based on Donald Trump. The actor has the same hair and the same tan, and even says "you're fired" at some point in the crazy trailer.

Horror fans know exactly what they are getting into when they see the title of Jurassic Thunder . It's a pure pleasure from film B with a ton of blood and guts delivered by armed dinosaurs. The CGI is so bad that it is actually awesome and it could be one of the biggest selling points of the film at this point. Anyway, Jurassic Thunder takes the road Sharknado by not taking itself at all seriously, which should allow a visualization enough entertaining when it becomes available to watch next month. . Hopefully High Octane Pictures will be able to get more theaters in North America to screen the film because it looks like it would be epic on the big screen.

Heath C. Heine, Rick Haak, Jon Cotton star in Jurassic Thunder by Milko Davis and Thomas Martwick. Directors Davis and Martwick have made names for themselves by delivering indie horror on a micro budget like Jurassic Dead and Tsunambee . With the success of these two films alone, they will continue to make a little more of these independent horror delights and, hopefully, gain more recognition along the way. You can check out the awesome trailer for Jurassic Thunder above, thanks to the YouTube channel High Octane Pictures.

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