Jurassic World Gets an Animated Prequel in The Secret Exhibit LEGO Trailer

NBC and Universal Announced LEGO Jurassic World : The secret exhibition which will serve as a preamble to that of 2015 The Jurassic World . The two – part animated special will be broadcast on November 29 at 8:00 pm Eastern Time. This is very good news for the fans of Jurassic Park who hoped to have additional information on the events that preceded the Jurassic World . And the short trailer features the LEGO animation that we have been expecting over the years, with some awesome dinosaurs that will surely pumping all dino fans.

LEGO Jurassic World : The Secret Exhibition begins with the inauguration of the The mysterious exhibition of Jurassic only a few days before. However, there is only one thing missing: the dinosaurs. Simon Masrani has to call on his new assistant, Claire Dearing, to make sure the new attraction opens at the present time. Unfortunately, Owen Grady, the animal behaviorist hired by Claire to deliver the dinosaurs, is late. Things are starting to get a bit risky for Owen and Claire in the caravan.

The mission of bringing the dinosaurs into the park turns out to be much harder than expected, which leads to fun and hijinks along the way. . LEGO The Jurassic World : The Secret Room teases chicken parts with a T-Rex and a slippery mission suspended, ensures that Owen Grady receives his full salary. However, the coolest part might be where Owen meets Blue for the first time. Even with the LEGO aesthetic, the animated two-part special seems to be a watch to absolutely watch by all fans of the Jurassic Park franchise .

While also serving as a prequel for . Jurassic World LEGO Jurassic World : The Secret Exhibition gives explanations on some dinosaur species, including Carnotaurus and Stygimoloch, which were spotted in Fallen Kingdom . Appropriately, the illustrated dinosaurs all have corresponding LEGO sets, which means it’s also a product placement of choice for the holiday season. According to some rumors, new series of the Jurassic World will be available in the LEGO series in early 2019, so that there could even be some teasing of these new series in the special prequelle later.

LEGO The Jurassic World : The Secret Exhibition will be broadcast in the United Kingdom on December 6 , in a week after the North American debut. The special pre-special will be available on streaming platforms on November 30 and a special Blu-ray edition will be released on January 15, 2019. The Blu-ray special also contains exclusive bonus content. LEGO fans hope the Baryonyx set will be next, and could be teased in the pre-special. We will have to wait until the end of the month to find out. While you wait, you can watch the trailer of LEGO Jurassic World : The Secret Exhibition Below , provided by the Jurassic YouTube Channel Post Office.


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