Last Blood Trailer Has Leaked Online

In the footsteps of Sylvester Stallone bringing the very first sequence of Rambo: Last Blood at the Cannes Film Festival, a person sank the trailer online. We can expect Lionsgate to release the official HD trailer very soon.

The Rambo: The Trailer of The Last Blood Shows Aging John Rambo getting ready for one last fight. Last week, Sylvester Stallone arrived at the Cannes International Film Festival for a special presentation and Q & A session where he showed the first images of this fifth installment of the hugely popular action franchise, as well as A 4K restoration of the 1982 classic First Blood .

Bound: Last look at the last blood Rambo is ready for his next mission

Much of history is not unveiled in this first look Rambo: The last blood . The basic story reveals that the veterinarian of the Vietnam War, John Rambo (Sylvestre Stallone), joins a journalist to save a kidnapped girl from a vicious drug cartel in Mexico. This is not as far-fetched as the fourth installment, Rambo of 2008 which was a bloody and unrelenting attack of violent violence. This seems more in line with First Blood . Difficult, dark and simply brutal.

The trailer for Last Blood is screened for the first time as part of a celebration of Sylvester Stallone's work and contribution to the cinema. The actor is doing a lot of publicity for the movie on social media since the start of filming and he has shared quite a lot of pictures and behind the scenes photos showing Rambo living on a ranch and working as a cowboy before to embark on a personal war. with the Mexican agreement.

Adrian Grunberg Live Rambo: Last Blood According to a screenplay written by Matthew Cirulnik and Sylvester Stallone. The film has long been in the movies and Stallone originally wanted to work on the sequel shortly after the release of Rambo in 2008. The story has changed several times in recent years and at one time given. John Rambo was going to fight a genetically modified creature in the woods. The sequel was actually stopped when it was announced that a TV show was in preparation. First, the series was supposed to focus on John Rambo's son, with Sly making the occasional appearance. Then it completely changed and Stallone was no longer involved. But the televised project ends and stops, paving the way for this incarnation.

It is thought that it will be a swan song for the John Rambo franchise. Stallone hinted last year, after the release of Creed 2 in November, that he was officially removing his character from Rocky. Now this plan seems to have changed, and Stallone has a whole new idea for a new Rocky sequel that would see Balboa take an undocumented immigrant as a coach, who will be kicked out, forcing Rocky to leave his comfort zone, as he has already done. to go to the hometown of this new boxer. It is therefore possible that Stallone also tells a completely different story for Rambo 6 .

Time will tell what happens to Rocky and Rambo. Although it is an illegal pirate trailer, nothing says when the official trailer Rambo: Last Blood will be published. For the moment, this will have to be done.


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