Latest New Mutants Rumor Doesn’t Sound Good, Should It Just Get Scrapped?

Disturbances Continue During The New Mutants . This long-delayed spin-off of X-Men has taken dust for almost two years and, although the film has a release date currently, things are far from certain of this project. Release. As an example, Disney is in the midst of a major strategy shift regarding dealing with future versions of Fox and the studio would apparently be impressed by this particular title.

According to a new report detailing the workings of society. the Disney / Fox fight after the $ 71.3 billion merger took effect in March, Disney would have assumed that The New Mutants had limited box office potential. At the present time, its release is scheduled for April 3, 2020. However, given the uncertainties reported by the studio, it seems that this is not a guarantee. And there are many other factors to consider. Dark Phoenix which Disney also inherited from Fox, is not the least. The adaptation of X-Men was completely destroyed at the box office and contributed to heavy losses. Disney was forced to post its theatrical activities during its last quarter. reason to put a lot of resources behind this horror-themed X-Men spin-off, despite the high-level cast led by Maisie Williams and Anya Taylor-Joy. Josh Boone ( The fault of our stars ) is the director's chair, but he would have met Fox during the cut. Shots were ordered, but the last time we heard them, they still did not take place. Surprisingly, this film was originally scheduled for release on April 13, 2018. However, thanks to the clashes, it only happened. A trailer was even launched almost two years ago. Needless to say, it's a big mess.

Relationships: The New Mutants Still Need Times, Could Land on Disney +

This is only the tip of the iceberg from Disney regarding 20th Century Fox right now. Almost all Fox titles released by Disney since the merger were bombed at the box office, including Stuber and, more recently, The Art of Racing in the Rain . This left the studio unsure of how to proceed with the completed projects, which also include the high-priced science fiction film Ad Astra starring Brad Pitt. Recently, Disney had eliminated the vast majority of Fox's production in hopes of refocusing the brand on the future. The Fantastic Four and Deadpool were handed over to Marvel Studios' president, Kevin Feige, who will incorporate them into the film world of Marvel. At this point, Disney may not want to pay too much attention to The New Mutants because this version of the franchise will be abandoned anyway. Whatever happens to this film, it's just a small part of a transition that did not go as planned. But if someone can reverse the situation, it's Disney. This news comes to us via Variety.

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