During a last minute reshuffle, negotiations between Riot Games and two of its initial franchisees, Movistar Riders and North, for a permanent partnership in the league series of European league legends have failed, told ESPN sources close to the developer and teams.

Riot selected alternates from his franchise application process – American esports organization Splyce, a team that has competed in the league since January 2016, and the British organization of esports exceL Esports – who should join the league instead of the Movistar Riders and the North, sources said. The Movistar and North Cavaliers were initially selected for positions in the league at the end of September.

Since then, the league has had a hard time accepting many of its petitioners, but it has is arranged with all but the Movistar Riders and the North. The league had planned to announce its franchise partners on November 8, but postponed this announcement due to several teams that did not accept the terms of the participation agreements. The league and the teams are expected to announce Tuesday the final selection of partners. Riot Games, Movistar Riders and North declined to comment. ExceL Esports has not responded to a request for comment. Splyce could not be contacted for a comment request.

Splyce and other experts join a list of long-standing sports organizations, with groups of owners in the United Kingdom, the United States, Denmark, Germany and the United States. La France. These teams include Fnatic, G2 Esports, Schalke 04 Esports, Team Vitality and Misfits, who competed in the league during the summer, as well as SK Gaming, RFRSH Entertainment and Rogue.

Splyce and exception applications were initially denied as part of the process. Splyce has allowed all active members of his League of Legends team, all of whom are under contract until the end of the 2019 season, to explore options and negotiate with other teams. . He will now try to retain players and staff who, for a month, are looking for new homes in the League of Legends Professional.

The news marks the first entry in League of Legends. The organization has participated in the British National League, the ESL Premiership, throughout the year, as well as at several other high level League of Legends amateur tournaments in Europe.

The league will now face a difficult decision to make. how to deal with another property problem between regions, multi-teams. The Sydney-based investment group, Guinevere Capital, acquired a majority stake in ExceL Esports in September. In October 2016, the Australian esports team Dire Wolves was acquired by Guinevere. Dire Wolves owns a team in the Oceanic Pro League, the professional League of Legends League based in Australia.

Pursuant to the rules in effect for Riot Games, no person or entity is permitted to hold interests in any of the League of Legends professional leagues. regardless of whether they are fighting in the same area.

During the process of his 2017 North American League championship series, Riot accepted requests from Team Liquid and the Golden State Warriors. These two teams have, and still have, overlapping stakes from several investors, including Warriors executive co-chair Peter Guber and assistant general manager Kirk Lacob. In November 2017, Riot gave the Warriors and Liquid a year to solve this problem. However, sources close to both teams told ESPN that neither side had reached a resolution.

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