Leaked Rise of Skywalker Poster with Weapon-Toting C-3PO Was Very Real

Do you remember this leaking poster of The Rise of Skywalker at the time when we still called the movie Episode IX? It turns out that the poster was very real. That said, it will not be a theater poster. Instead, the art will be used for retail. Anyway, Lucasfilm has commissioned this art and it looks good that it will be released, with at least one noticeable change.

A Star Wars fan site with a solid history recently shared a new version of the same image that leaked in March on Twitter. According to the article, articles would have been presented to retailers in the near future. They included the new version of this art, which now includes Kelly Marie Tran's character, Rose Tico, instead of a new character that we will meet in the movie. The message reads:

"We were given a preview of new items that are coming to retailers soon for #TheRiseofSkywalker.This may sound familiar to those who saw a promotional item leaked a few days ago. The main difference is that they replaced the Klaud alien by Rose Tico, above Finn. #StarWars "

At the Star Wars celebration, Klaud's character was confirmed and named at the Episode IX panel. It had already been revealed on the original poster art that had fled. It has been removed from this new version in favor of Rose. Why Lucasfilm has decided to make the change, remains to be seen. Whatever the case may be, the rest of the poster is still interesting as it includes a host of interesting characters and details.

Two of the most crucial elements of this image are rather revealing. On the one hand, the Knights of Ren, about whom much has been said, are in the spotlight. When this poster was released for the first time, it was not confirmed that Kylo Ren followers would be part of the movie. This has since been revealed. The other, more curious, element of the picture is C-3PO, which seems to be the master bow of Chewbacca. C-3PO is notoriously passive and avoids conflicts. Yet, in recent images, we have seen his eyes blush. This image gives more credence to the idea that the iconic droid will truly participate in the action.

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For now, such images are worth # 39; gold. Director J.J. Abrams is notoriously secretive with his projects and Lucasfilm also likes to keep control of the situation. So this gives fans a lack of information a little more to ruminate until the film arrives. How will this image be used in retail? It can simply be used to advertise products or placed directly on them. For the moment, this remains to be seen. Star Wars: The Advent of Skywalker is expected to arrive in theaters on December 20. Be sure to take a look at the image of the Star Wars News Net Twitter account on yourself.


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