Lion King Remake Hit with Early Rotten Score, Why Aren’t Critics Loving It?

The Remake of Disney The Lion King debuted with a Rotten score on rotten tomatoes. As in all remakes of the studio, the last announces itself as a factor of contention between critics. It's a bit surprising since The Lion King was examined much more positively compared to recent versions of Aladdin and Dumbo . ] earlier this year. With the cast of stars and the beautiful scenery, many have assumed that the last remake was about to please many fans and critics.

At the time of writing these lines, the Lion King . ] sits at a rot rate of 58% on rotten tomatoes, tied with the remake Aladdin . It seems like a lot of critics agree that the magic of CGI is awesome and everything, but the movie may have put too much emphasis on the look and let the story in the dust. That said, there are many rave reviews for the remake, which shows what we already knew: these remakes are not for everyone. And the film seems to receive the same complaints from various critics. David Ehrlich of IndieWire said this.

"A self-portrait well rendered, but from a creative bankruptcy, showing a movie studio devouring its own tail."

Us Weekly continues to complain, with Mara Reinstein

"Despite all the technological majesty of the remake, this particular mystique peculiar to the original of 1994 lies well beyond the light

Joshua Rivera of GQ continues his reflections, pushing them further by affirming this

"As visually singular as a work The King Leo is, it often presents itself as clearly as possible, causing many of its most powerful scenes to sound hollow as it fails to maintain or build any emotional basis at any given time. "

The Associated Press claims to not have" a heart. "And Den of Geeks intervenes on this complaint," This entertaining but ultimately forgettable remix begins to make me feel as useless as the rest of the recent remakes of Disney. The Verge continues this momentum of ideas by proposing: 'Although it' s an almost complete remake of the original, this version of The Lion King lacks a lot of emotion and expressiveness that prevents people from returning to the first. & # 39; Many critics also praise the film, but for now all negative voices seem to outweigh the positive.

Negative reviews will no doubt have a null effect on the performance of [19459003aubox-office] The Lion King : The current remake suggests that it will be one of the most big movies of the year when all the dust will be dropped social media when the trailer fell for the first time and that many thought it would not meet Disney's box office expectations, but the film has now generated more than $ 925 million worldwide and is currently the third most profitable film of the year nationally and globally.

Binding: The lion king casts his characters in 7 breathtaking new portraits

Jon Favreau's Jungle Book is currently 95% on Rotten Tomatoes and is one of the most well received of the Disney remakes up here. Another thing to consider is the fact that the fans have not yet seen the remake of the Lion King . The real test will be when the film will be shown in theaters next week. Beyoncé and Donald Glover may have enough attraction to get positive reviews from moviegoers. We'll just have to wait, but critics seem to be more than slightly divided this time around.

The Lion King remake just held its world premiere in Hollywood earlier this week and many of the early reactions were mixed too. More than one person described the film as bland, while others tend to be a little more forgiving. The Lion King or Aladdin or The Little Mermaid Receives Compensation Treatment, People Will Have There Is Much To Say To this subject and Disney is quite used to it at this stage of the game. Whatever it is, the remake will probably dominate at the box office. You can visit Rotten Tomatoes to view some reviews of The Lion King .


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